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  1. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Possible PCM problem

    I have 1994 Ranger 4.0 and have a strange issue with my truck starting. It cranks,has spark but the fuel pump was not running at key on. Checked fuses and relay, all good. Pulled the bed and changed out the fuel pump. Truck started right away. But, on the 5th try the issue returned and cranking...
  2. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Crank no start issue

    Hi gang, Hoping somebody can lead me in the right direction with this. I have: 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0 4x4. Earlier this week I had a crank no start issue when leaving work. Cranked 4 times and it stated finally. Made it almost home and it died while driving. Like a kill switch was pushed...
  3. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Been I while

    At least 4 years since visiting. Came on here about 2 years ago and it said the site had been compromised. Anyways, still have the 94 Ranger. Pulled the bad last summer and chassis saved it. Just had a new exhaust system put on and 4 new tires. Maybe I'll get some pictures up if it ever stops...
  4. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Creaking noise from steering column

    Anybody ever experience a dry creaking noise that seems to come from the steering column cover? Looks like the inside boot on the firewall is pretty messed up. Just curious if anybody every dug in to find the problem. 1994 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 4x4 Auto trans.
  5. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    I just scored a front bumper for my 94

    Same guy I got the rear bumper from. This is awesome, now I can replace my rusty ole front bumper also.:headbang: Got the valance and everything for $75. What do yall think? How much of a pain is it to get the old one off? Any online places to get replacement fog lights? TIA. This site has...
  6. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Occasional CEL

    Pulled codes 1994 4.0 and got a 0136 lean bank #2. Truck has 160K on it and O2 sensors look OEM. I will check for vacuum hose leaks when it gets warmer out. Might just replace the EGR as well. I do get pinging and occasional smell like the truck is running rich. Any suggestions would be great. TIA.
  7. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Pulled some codes for occasional CEL

    So I've been getting a CEL on my 94 that will come on and go off while driving. I changed the fuel cap but still get it occasionally. Also get a smell of gas once in a while. I decided to pull some codes via the CEL with a jumper on the EEC. Code 136 or P036 a couple times while engine running...
  8. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    I scored a nice rear step bumper today

    Off the truck,brackets pad, and even the rear plate lights. Beautiful shape 1998. Glad it was off,it's only 14 deg. today. Anyways, wondering what would be a good product to coat the inside of it with to keep rust at bay? My other bumper just had paper thin chrome in a couple places.
  9. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    RABS to rear brake line

    Interesting, the port at the rear of the RABS on my 94 Ranger is 11-1 mm or 7/16-24. It had a adapter to get it to 3/8-24 for common 3/16 line. I'm a machinist so I checked the pitch and size of the thread on the adapter. I vaguely remember my father putting that reducer in there the first time...
  10. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Yikes,two issues in one week!

    First off, My power steering started to squeal when I backed into my parking spot yesterday. Notice the fluid is way down. Topped it off,but now I'm getting a puddle under the front left of the vehicle. I seem to be having a hard time locating the leak. It's not spraying and everything looks wet...
  11. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Funny Friday find

    Check out this review "no instructions".:icon_rofl: Some people are just plain dumb. http://www.sears.com/campbell-hausfeld-tire-inflator-w-gauge/p-00988608000P?prdNo=3&blockNo=3&blockType=G3
  12. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Broken oil dipstick tube?

    I was checking the oil in my 94 V6 a couple weeks ago and i noticed that the tube felt loose and felt like it was going to break. I have a feeling that it is rusted through and will break off pretty soon. Is there any way to replace this? or do I need to do something else about it? thanks in advance
  13. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    High mileage oil?

    Is this worth using? What is considered high mileage? My 94 Ranger has 160K.
  14. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Massachusetts members?

    Just wondering if there is anybody in my neck of the woods.
  15. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Things you know need to be fixed

    But,are holding off on them because they may turn out to be a nightmare? I'll start: I need to change some bulbs in my instrument cluster in the 1994 Ranger. Just have the godaweful feeling that this would turn into a can of worms for me.:icon_confused:
  16. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Life time warrenty

    Do parts stores count on you keeping a vehicle for life?:D I just got a second starter on my life time warrenty.:headbang:
  17. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Welding a frame?

    Is there different laws per state? Is this a no,no matter what state. I'm getting mixed answers on this. Makes no sense that a business in my home state would make frame repair sections for behind the rear wheels that you can't weld on,only bolt.:dunno: Any info on this would be great. TIA
  18. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Lund accessories

    I seem to have a cab spoiler and visor from Lund. Visor lights are always going out. Also seem to have fiberglass running boards,not sure if they're Lund.They were on the truck when I bought it in 1999. There's doesn't seem to be too many Rangers around with these accessories. Anybody else have...
  19. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Rear step bumper is rotted on my 94

    How much of a pain is it to remove this? I would imagine lots of PB blaster and maybe some heat? Bolt heads apear to be 16 mm. Are these bumpers pretty much universal up to 2001?
  20. 1994Ranger$$$pit

    Hello fellow Ranger junkies

    It's been a while since I've been on TRS. I just got done doing the rear shackles on my Ranger this weekend. This was the second set in 13 years.The first time I did the front as well. So the ole 94 is still a daily driver. One more year and she's a classic.:yahoo: