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  1. airborn_ranger

    Timing chain deflection...

    Bros, Engine is 200x (single-digit 2000, i.e., 2001, 2002, etc.). 130,xxx miles. What is maximum allowable deflection of the timing chain, and does it have a tensioner? The truck in question has approximately 3/4" deflection. The teeth on both sprockets appear to be symmetrically triangular...
  2. airborn_ranger

    Fuel Injection, Cold Start

    In a cold start scenario, what do the injectors do? Does each squirt once into each cylinder just before TDC, then the engine keeps cranking until combustion occurs? Thereafter, do the injectors squirt once per cycle? Reason: I can't start my V-6. I pulled the fuel rail off the manifold...
  3. airborn_ranger

    coolant leak, can't locate source

    Hillary leaks coolant at about 1 pint/minute after I fill radiator and overflow, engine not running. Leak seems to come from above water pump. Upper/Lower rad hoses ok; heater hoses ok. No coolant in oil; no telltale signs of cracked head exhaust sounds. No coolant coming out of weep hole on...
  4. airborn_ranger

    where's chase?

    Where is Chase? Before the new site was initiated, Chase was AWOL for several months. Anyone know wassup?
  5. airborn_ranger

    Power Steering Pump, heavy duty

    Is there a heavier duty, or more durable P/S pump available for 1996 Ranger XLT 4.0 SC? The Howe unit for Jeep is way too expensive ($1500) even if it does fit. What about pumps from F150 pickup, or Econoline van, or Super Duty? Thanks. a_r