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  1. Tarboroboy

    Iso 97 2wd ford ranger wiring harness diagram

    Hello I cant seem to find a wiring diagram for my for my 97 ranger. I need the diagrams for the truck and also it was originally a 2.5 but has the 5.0 swap. Some of my components arent working so I was looking for the diagram so I can check all my plugs and make sure they are all connected.
  2. Tarboroboy

    Wipers, dome light, and speedo not working

    Hello everyone first post, I just bought my first ranger and it is also 5.0 swapped from a 2000 mercury mountaineer. I'm not sure if something with that is my problem or if its just something on the ranger side. After I purchesed the truck I got it home and started to mess with suff and noticed...