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  1. kimcrwbr1

    Timing help with the 2.8

    With the original feedback carb they had the #50 jets and the feedback solenoid controlled the air bleed into the high speed circuit. The computer would allow more air into the venturi cluster reducing the amount of fuel in the mix. If your still running the feedback carb just pull the feedback...
  2. kimcrwbr1

    Timing help with the 2.8

    Yes the #50 high speed jets made mine bog down pulling a mountain pass an belch black smoke. Once I put in the #42 jets it give me plenty of power pulling a hill. I never had a issue with total timing either just disconnect the vacuum advance and set the timing at 10 degrees. If your carb is not...
  3. kimcrwbr1

    Timing help with the 2.8

    BTW if your running the autolite 2150 just go ahead and get some #42 high speed jets that will bring that mo fo back to life.
  4. kimcrwbr1

    Timing help with the 2.8

    Are you setting the air mix needles with the vacuum guage. The 2.8 likes a rich idle air mix start the engine after setting the idle air needles out 3 1/2 turns from lightly seated then set the base timing at exactly 10 degrees. Bring the engine up to temp then set the idle around 750rpm and...
  5. kimcrwbr1

    Mixture control solenoid

    If your running on the computer everything has to be correct or it will default into limp mode. It is easy to reset the computer with a jumper wire go to eec IV diagnostics. First you erase the memory then reset the computer to set values. A EEC-IV diagnostic tool can be purchased and make...
  6. kimcrwbr1

    1985 Bronco 2 Duraspark Distributor with HEI Conversion

    Try pulling the feedback solenoid and just punch a couple small holes in the diaphram and put in #42 main jets. That should bring it to life I found adjusting the idle needles out 3-3 1/2 turns from lightly seated helps also.
  7. kimcrwbr1

    I need help understanding this. Please, Shed some light on it for me.

    The 2150 has air bleed jets/holes in the venturi cluster one on each side of the bolt that holds the cluster in. The 2150a feedback carb controls the air bleed with the solenoid on the back of the carb. I supose you could just drill a couple small air bleed holes on top of the emulsion tubes in...
  8. kimcrwbr1

    I need help understanding this. Please, Shed some light on it for me.

    Put smaller jets in it .042 as far as the hesitation I found putting a power valve that opens at 8hg helped alot with the dead spot in mine... I you pull the carb always install new carb base gaskets.
  9. kimcrwbr1

    1985 2.8 Carb Adjustments

    Do not replace the cat if you have old valve guide seals. Oil in the exhaust will quickly destroy the new cat. You can replace the seals without pulling the heads. I am on my third year with autolite single platinum plugs cold starts like a dream. Slap the muffler with the palm of your hand if...
  10. kimcrwbr1

    Overheating after New T-Stat

    Put a flushing tee in the heater hose that goes to the intake manifold. Remove the radiator cap and pour antifreeze in the flushing tee while holding it above the top of the radiator until coolant comes out the radiator while the engine is running. Then quickly put the cap on the flushing tee...
  11. kimcrwbr1

    84 bronco II duraspark and carb conversion

    I wish I would have known more before going all through the carb issue. Someone should just try using the stock carb with .042 jets and see how she does. Just run the vacuum advance off the manifold vac. If it still runs rich just punch a couple pin holes in the air bleed diaphram on the back...
  12. kimcrwbr1

    EGR valve 2008

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/EGR-Valve-Standard-EGV735-/321906003479?hash=item4af317ce17:g:YVsAAOSwo0JWMyTd&vxp=mtr It looks like this just follow the vacuum lines there is a metal tube that goes into it as well...
  13. kimcrwbr1

    duraspark 2150 carb spacer

    I have tried getting the carb spacer felpro# 60529 added to the 2.8l duraspark conversion in the tech library for the 2100 or 2150 non feedback carb. It plugs the large vacuum leak where the throttle position senser was on the 2150a feedback carb. Put the carb spacer on the egr spacer and add a...
  14. kimcrwbr1

    Too funny

  15. kimcrwbr1

    Poll for health insurance

    I lost health insurance at work three years ago because of the rising cost of health care premiums. Just wondering the status of everyones health insurance lets keep it simple covered or not covered and increase or decrease of rates/coverage my status is. Not covered reason much higher costs
  16. kimcrwbr1

    84 Ranger Tow issue

    To get a good center mark on both tires raise both wheels off the ground a with some white spray paintspin the wheels and paint the center of the tire then take and scribe a line in the paint. With the weight on both tires measure the lines front and back you dont need much toe just enough to...
  17. kimcrwbr1

    Trac-loc gear oil

    I put a limited slip differential in my truck and was looking for the best oil to add to the axle. Will 90-w with a friction modifier be good enough. I bought a used l/s carrier and 3.73 ring and pinion and have it dialed in pretty good preload, run out and gear pattern but didnt put new...
  18. kimcrwbr1

    7.5 drive pinion removal

    I am trying to remove the drive pinion out of the axle housing and the pinion is not budging out of the front bearing. I got it to move about 1/8 an inch and now it is froze solid. Short of taking a 10lb sledge to it is there a trick to popping it out I am at my wits end any help will be greatly...
  19. kimcrwbr1

    1983 ranger rear axle

    I cannot find the axle code for my 83 2wd ranger. I would like to know my options I painted over the door sticker and the tag on the cover is missing. I am leaning toward a 8.8 3.55 ratio. I put 15 inch wheels on a couple years ago. Does anyone in the Seattle area have one looking for a home I...
  20. kimcrwbr1

    C-3 clunk then nothing

    My tranny just after shifting into 3rd gear made a clunk not even very loud and then nothing. It shifts ok at least it goes into park the neutral switch works so it isn`t in the linkage. I was going to pull it anyway to reseal so any suggestions on what to look for as I break it down to see if...