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  1. kimcrwbr1

    duraspark 2150 carb spacer

    I have tried getting the carb spacer felpro# 60529 added to the 2.8l duraspark conversion in the tech library for the 2100 or 2150 non feedback carb. It plugs the large vacuum leak where the throttle position senser was on the 2150a feedback carb. Put the carb spacer on the egr spacer and add a...
  2. kimcrwbr1

    Too funny

  3. kimcrwbr1

    Poll for health insurance

    I lost health insurance at work three years ago because of the rising cost of health care premiums. Just wondering the status of everyones health insurance lets keep it simple covered or not covered and increase or decrease of rates/coverage my status is. Not covered reason much higher costs
  4. kimcrwbr1

    Trac-loc gear oil

    I put a limited slip differential in my truck and was looking for the best oil to add to the axle. Will 90-w with a friction modifier be good enough. I bought a used l/s carrier and 3.73 ring and pinion and have it dialed in pretty good preload, run out and gear pattern but didnt put new...
  5. kimcrwbr1

    7.5 drive pinion removal

    I am trying to remove the drive pinion out of the axle housing and the pinion is not budging out of the front bearing. I got it to move about 1/8 an inch and now it is froze solid. Short of taking a 10lb sledge to it is there a trick to popping it out I am at my wits end any help will be greatly...
  6. kimcrwbr1

    1983 ranger rear axle

    I cannot find the axle code for my 83 2wd ranger. I would like to know my options I painted over the door sticker and the tag on the cover is missing. I am leaning toward a 8.8 3.55 ratio. I put 15 inch wheels on a couple years ago. Does anyone in the Seattle area have one looking for a home I...
  7. kimcrwbr1

    C-3 clunk then nothing

    My tranny just after shifting into 3rd gear made a clunk not even very loud and then nothing. It shifts ok at least it goes into park the neutral switch works so it isn`t in the linkage. I was going to pull it anyway to reseal so any suggestions on what to look for as I break it down to see if...
  8. kimcrwbr1

    EGR for duraspark

    I have been trying to get the EGR on my 2.8 working after the duraspark conversion. I think I have it figured out I bought a universal EGR tomco 10427 with two ports one is connected to ported vacuum on the carb and the other I connected to a vacuum restrictor that is vented to the air horn on...
  9. kimcrwbr1

    C-3 tranny oil

    Hey after about 7 yrs of adding ATF to my ranger I decided to pull the tranny and reseal it. I am putting a new torque converter, seals and filter in. After I flush the tranny cooler lines and put it back together is it recommended to use the regular ford ATF or can I put in synthetic oil in the...
  10. kimcrwbr1

    Poor mans MSD dizzy for 2.8

    I took my duraspark dizzy and disconnected the vacuum advance and timed it at 20 degrees btdc, adjusted the idle air for the highest vacuum pressure. I hauled three loads of compost without skipping a beat. I am going to try running it without the vacuum advance for a full tank and see if it...
  11. kimcrwbr1

    Jeep cherokee 4.0

    I have a question on my cherokee if someone knows that would be great. I only have this issue after the engine is up to temp and I shut it off , after 15 minutes it is hard starting. I need to lightly touch the throttle for it to start right up. It fires right up cold and shortly after I turn it...
  12. kimcrwbr1

    Diverter and bypass Qs

    Can anyone tell me how the diverter and bypass valves are supposed to work. I did the duraspark conversion on my 83 ranger and still have the air pump and valves working and want to know when the air is supposed to be upstream or down stream and when the bypass is used. The computer used to...
  13. kimcrwbr1

    Battery cable upgrades

    Dont shoot me but I just did a cable upgrade on my jeep. And this guy fabs up custom battery cables to your spec for a reasonable price in my opinion and great for any upgrades you do on your charging system. I like the battery terminal. God low resistance wires are real important for higher amp...
  14. kimcrwbr1

    Thanks Jim

    I just wanted to start a thread thanking Jim Oakes for this forum. With the economy the way it is I have personally saved a bunch of money doing stuff myself. This is the easiest forum to navigate I have found and just wanted to thank you Jim you are a true american. Kim:icon_thumby:
  15. kimcrwbr1

    Answering machine

    How ALL phones SHOULD be answered! GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , a Christian nation of the free and the home of the brave. How may I help you? ........ Press '1' for English. Press '2' to disconnect until you learn to speak English And remember...
  16. kimcrwbr1

    synthetic or not

    I put this engine in 5 years ago out of the bone yard and did the duraspark conversion with valve guide seals and she actually holds oil now. Would it be wise to put synthetic oil in a older 2.8 and what type of oil is the best and the best filter. I put about 1500 miles since the conversion and...
  17. kimcrwbr1

    tranny upgrade Qs

    Can I put a 4 speed auto in my 83 ranger and do I need a different drive shaft or any mods tks:icon_confused:
  18. kimcrwbr1

    too funny

    :yahoo:http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae321/kimcrwbr1/ATT01594.jpg dont piss off a ford owner that owns a backhoe:icon_thumby:
  19. kimcrwbr1

    harmonic balancer

    Hey guys I did the duraspark and reg carb but still lacking on power on the upper end does the harmonic balancer warp with time and pressure to throw the timing off and also where can I get a new one just because it is running so good right now I want to make it better and still struggles on a...
  20. kimcrwbr1

    clicking noise

    I get one thing working and another pops I am getting a clicking noise that i narrowed down to the distributor plugs are burning good but idle moves up and down and rough at times not all the time. did the duraspark conversion and cap and rotor seem to be ok could the rebuilt distributor be the...