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  1. Mac

    FX4 axle width

    Looking at tech library see the FX4 & level 2 axles are listed as 1" wider (59 1/2") than others, same width as Explorers. Axles would then be same as pre disc brake Explorers? Never knew this an dtoo snowy to go out and measure. Dave
  2. Mac

    Again? Ranger shown at Detroit Auto show

    They said it's to compete with the Cheby and be on sale this year so maybe this county? No spec's or other info. http://autoomobile.com/news/ford-ready-to-face-chevrolet-colorado/10014421/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHInoDxorhg
  3. Mac

    Think Rangers are getting expensive?

    Just looking to maybe replace my 2000 that needs body work, rust. Can't imagine a 2000 with 66K miles going for $12,999. Most expensive one new 14 years ago was less than 18K. I've got another one identical to it but has the 4.0 and Flairside, same mileage but dead motor. Another but a '99'...
  4. Mac

    What's the difference - what changed?

    Looking for rear brakes for a '69' Fairlane and noticed that it uses the same rear as the '83-94' Ranger. The '95 and up use a different rear shoe. Can't imagine what changed or why, all are the 10"x2 1/2". You can find performance shoes for the Fairlane (and many Mustangs), that's where I...
  5. Mac

    The new F-150

    Ford Racing One of the cool stories from yesterday's Winner's Circle panel discussion was off-road racer Greg Foutz letting on that he tested the new 2015 F-150 at the Baja 1,000 last year, disguised in current bodywork. The F-150 is on display at the North American International Auto Show |...
  6. Mac

    Mikhail Kalashnikov, Creator of AK-47, Dies at 94

    It killed more people in the 20th Century than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The AK-47's easy maintenance and light weight led to its becoming the armament of choice for at least 50 armies worldwide, as well as guerrilla factions, ... Dave
  7. Mac

    Quest fo a true 7/8" bore master

    Someone had mentioned to use the Bumper-Bumper master cylinder and make sure it was the 7/8" bore. Just got mine home and no matter what everyone has it listed as, it's only a .750" bore. It looks just like the master that Teddy used. Part number CMA 39896 and identical to the 3/4" bore one I...
  8. Mac

    Global Ranger revisited - again

    Just saw this on another Ford truck site. Guy was out West and had three pass him. Can't imagine why they would have had Mich manufacturer plates on them unless for testing. Dave "Out on the road going to the mountains and guess what kind of convoy I saw today? I saw 3 2013 Ford Rangers...
  9. Mac

    Ford's newest police intercepter is an Explorer

    Just saw this, 365 hp twin turbo Explorer. Dave oxNSLEK6aFM#t=6
  10. Mac

    Never heard of heavy truck off-road racing

    Guess it's been going on for quite awhile down in Brazil. Dave http://racing.ford.com/more-racing/news/articles/ford-wins-heavy-truck-class-at-brazils-sertoes-rally-1293055451497/
  11. Mac

    Another reason to run an air cleaner!

    This was after "it' got pulled out a ways, see the rippled fur. Dave
  12. Mac

    First Lever Gun

    Never had one but got a Rossi M92 on order, heard good things about them. Not a hunter at all but got for home use. Can't understand why even a lever gun is on backorder. 20" barrel in 44 Mag, something that makes a big bang and big holes! Anything to watch for or comments? Dave
  13. Mac

    Ammo being Available again?

    Just ordered (5) boxes of (20) .44 mags (Hornady) from Cabelels yesterday with no problem. They do have a limit per day but said they should be here on the 30th. Price didn't seem jacked up at all, $20.99 per box. Dave
  14. Mac

    Cheaper Than Dirt leaving Conn

    Don't know how I get all these contacts but they are going to move. Know that one magazine maker in Col has threated to move also, Who's next? Dave...
  15. Mac

    Headers -- Again

    Just got my 2013 FRPP catalog and see they have some block hugging headers in there, also fit the "P" heads. Made for the narrow early Ford chassis (30's-40's). Little expensive but ceramic coated. Wonder if anyone else makes block huggers like them? Some good 360 deg pictures of them. Not...
  16. Mac

    Ford builds two Coyote powered Rangers

    They build two of them to run in the South African Cross Country race. Of course they are the global ones. Ugle or not, I'd buy a V-8 one and make everyone look at it. Ford of Australia had some really mean UTS awhile ago, DOHC 5.4's. Dave...
  17. Mac

    Proper Pistol Shooting Grip

    Got this from an old Harley rider friend. Dave http://www.youtube.com/embed/iDnEkFSMRik?rel=0&vq=medium&autoplay=1
  18. Mac

    NY map of gun owners

    Yep, a couple of counties in NY have published maps of who owns a gun and where they live. Not a person is really happy with that. Locates the homes of cops, which homes have guns if you want to steel them or which homes to avoid. Another good idea from Governent. Got this map of Texas...
  19. Mac

    More Header News - Guess Torque Monsters are available again

    Found this at Explorer Forum. Looks like prices have gone up but delivery time gone down. Seems like they (site) is looking for a group buy. Dave http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=370999&highlight=headers
  20. Mac

    FYI 351 Swap Headers!

    Question comes up often enough but just ran across this on E-Bay - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ranger-Engine-Swap-351w-Headers-/251202759157?hash=item3a7cd9e9f5&item=251202759157&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr Said to fit 83-88, 2 or 4 wheel. Tri-Y design. Thats all I got. Dave