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  1. jpark6491

    2.5L ('98-'01) 1999 2.5l lower rad-water pump connection

    What is the part called that connects the lower radiator hose to water pump? I have a 1999 2.5l that I was flushing coolant and changing thermostat on at home. I accidentally removed that lower piece that connects to the water pump and tried to reinstall it, but now it started leaking almost as...
  2. jpark6491

    1999 2.5L Underdrive Pulley?

    I am curious if anyone has tried an underdrive pulley setup on the 2.5l engine? I have been searching through the forums but I have not found anything specific to the engine. Esslinger Engineering produces one that I think would work, but it is $75 right now. So if there are alternatives that...
  3. jpark6491

    Hello from Illinois!

    Hey all, I've been a member on the forum since February but I have never properly introduced myself. This is my forever-a-project truck lol. I also wanted to say thank you to all those who have helped with answering some of my questions along the way. I bought this 1999 XLT, 5 speed manual for...
  4. jpark6491

    DIY Wheel Balancing

    I was just curious if anyone on here balances their own wheels themselves using a portable wheel balancer, similar to what you could buy at Harbor Freight. I am planning to get some new steel wheels soon and was considering doing it myself. I realize that having it done with dynamic balancing...
  5. jpark6491

    Can a 1997 valence panel fit a 1999?

    I am planning to purchase a new front bumper and front valence panel for my truck (didn't have one when purchased). Is it possible to fit a '97 valence panel on a '99 bumper or has anyone tried this before? The truck currently does not have fog lights but I plan to install some eventually and I...
  6. jpark6491

    M5R1 Final assembly assistance needed

    I am nearing completion of a rebuild of my transmission but I am struggling to figure out the way the last few bits go back together. Any help is appreciated. The final gear on the counter shaft does not seem to seating properly. Also I am not sure where these 2 half moon washers go. Judging by...
  7. jpark6491

    M5R1 Input shaft removal

    Can anyone explain to me a way to separate the input shaft from the output? I have been trying to hammer them apart for nearly an hour. It seems that the two are fused together.
  8. jpark6491

    M5R1 output shaft lock nut

    I am in the process of rebuilding my transmission but I am having trouble removing the output shaft lock nut (it looks as though the tab was punched down in a keyhole of the shaft). I am trying to get it off while doing minimal damage to things around it. I know the nut itself isn't that...
  9. jpark6491

    M5R1/M5R2 Rebuild Instructional DVD

    I will be viewing this either tonight or this weekend. I don’t know if anyone else has seen or used this before but I ordered it from Southwest Gear for 24.99 + shipping.
  10. jpark6491

    99 standard cab- Sliding window weatherstripping

    I am having a heck of a time finding the correct weatherstripping to fix the issue that I’m having. Apparently the previous owner didn’t care that half of it is completely missing ?‍♂️ There’s a lot of rust on the floor now to fix due to leaks. If anyone knows of a place to look for the correct...
  11. jpark6491

    1999 XLT 60/40 seat covers

    I am looking into getting some seat covers for the truck and I am just curious if anyone has ever tried these? I just saw these at Farm and Fleet. I am guessing like most universal fit covers they won't be great but maybe they could work...
  12. jpark6491

    1999 2WD 2.5L 5 speed manual (M5OD-R1) stuck in 4th gear

    I have a 1999 2WD 2.5L 5 speed manual (M5OD-R1) that I recently bought for $600 that is stuck in 4th gear. Apparently this happened while the previous owner (17 year old kid) was out driving it. I do not know how this happened, but I do know that it has a new clutch and a different flywheel put...
  13. jpark6491

    2.5l starter nose broken

    Hey all, I am new here to the forums. I just purchased a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 2.5, 5-speed manual, 2WD for $600. They said in the post that it was stuck in 3rd or 4th gear and has been parked for at least 1-2 months. When I got there to see the truck it seemed as though it was no longer stuck in...