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  1. Subarute

    1991 4wd hub conversion

    My automatic locking hubs finally quit on me. the transfer case shifts into both 4wd and low range at the push of a button but the hubs do not lock. I want to convert them to manual locking hubs (For obvious reasons) but I'm having trouble finding a kit. does anyone know of a conversion kit that...
  2. Subarute

    Gen 2 Front clip conversion Possible?

    So I saw this image, thought it looked cool, and I want to do this conversion to my truck. Anyone know how hard it would be? I know I would need to hunt down a newer ranger to rob parts from but I'll be doing a 5.0 conversion as well anyway so i'm in no rush. Pic of my truck now for reference:
  3. Subarute

    Doors hard to shut on 1991 Ranger

    Well the girlfreind says she doesnt like having to slam my doors, so does anyone know how to adjust them to shut easier?
  4. Subarute

    My 1984 Subaru Brat

    Check me out on youtube for more imformation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuwqASJ3P5XpVZiya8imEWA
  5. Subarute

    Idea... Switched Centrifugal Supercharger?

    Has anyone done any sort of forced induction on the 2.9? I was thinking a California MAF conversion and a Centrifugal Supercharger with an electric clutch so that I have boost when I need it and Fuel economy when I dont. Any Thoughts? On my 1991 Ranger 4x4
  6. Subarute

    What octane can I run in a stock 2.9l v6?

    I read on another forum that I can run 93 octane as it's " a cleaner burn, better mileage and slightly more power. " Is this true? or maybe 88 octane is better? im currently running 87 octane, 10% ethonol.
  7. Subarute

    New member with a new rig an a few questions

    I just bought this gem. 1989ish ranger 5spd 4wd. a litttle rough but not bad for 300 bucks. Its gonna be my daily but has a few problems. Mainly the speedo doesnt work and the tachometer jumps around like its having a siesure. any ideas?