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  1. Crashtest84

    Sas spring rate

    When I did the waggy dana44 swap I used bds xj coils. They seem to be a little on the stiffer side. For you guy's that have done a sas what have you found to work good. Seems a good spring might be an early bronco.
  2. Crashtest84

    blower motor/airflow

    So I searched a bunch on here for the lack of airflow from the blower. truck is an 89 ranger it never has blown very hard from the vents. The heater core and evap core are newer repalced spring of 2015 so about a year old. old evap was plugged with leaves an such. I was excited thinking it would...
  3. Crashtest84

    map sensor questions/problem

    So my truck has started running bad. 89 with a 91 4.0 swapped. "been running for 4 years" so this is nothing to do with that. Symptoms started as a slight pinging on the hwy under light excel. Didn't ping at WOT. I just went with it until it got very bad pinging so badly that I was worried...
  4. Crashtest84

    only 8.5 volts to reverse lights.

    As stated I am only getting 8.5 volts to the reverse lights. I tested the fuse and there was 12volts there. So is there something in the switch that would cause this? How does the reverse switch circuit work? I know the switch in the trans is just a ground "m5od" any ideas on where I could be...
  5. Crashtest84

    Long crank time to start, after new starter install

    Ok so here is the problem, I have a weird intermittent starting problem. All the details first 89 with 2.9 to 4.0 swap 5speed truck. when doing the swap I did not have a m5od to go with the 4.0. But I had a 2000 mile old 2.9 clutch and new starter. So I kept the 2.9 stuff flywheel back. Plan...
  6. Crashtest84

    its not just a jeep thing

    I know some of you guys just enjoy reading other forums. here is my local group forum. help spread the love a lil if you want. http://www.tulsaoffroad.com/forums/forum.php?referrerid=182
  7. Crashtest84

    Local off-road group page

    Check it out if your anywhere in Oklahoma for events info and just fun times http://www.tulsaoffroad.com/forums/forum.php?referrerid=182
  8. Crashtest84

    2.9 to 4.0 swap misfire ?

    Swap was a 89 2.9 to a 4.0 unknown engine yr but using 91 ecm and harness. first I will give you a lil laugh after getting the engine harness in place I put my old 2.9 ecm on it not knowing. Fought with it for about a day then checked. But it still doesn't run right with the 4.0 ecm. Its not...
  9. Crashtest84

    steering shaft slop.

    In the middle of my engine swap my A.D.D. kicked in and I started messing with the gear box and steering shaft. I found 90% of the slop/slack to be in the slip part between the rag joint and u-joint "89 ranger 4x4" So I pulled the whole shaft out to see whats loose. After pulling it apart I...
  10. Crashtest84

    MAF sensor with engine swap question

    I and going to swap my 2.9 for a 4.0 I have a full complete harness and computer from a 91 ranger. But I lack a MAF and intake tube. I have a MAF from a 2000 v-8 explorer could I use it with the right injector size for the MAF? or do I need to go get a 4.0 MAF
  11. Crashtest84

    My Steering build kinda like superrunner

    Ok This build is from my old ranger but it worked great. I am going to build another for my new ranger but there will be a few changes for the new one. This one has heims but could have used TREs. The biggest bad design in this is that the drag link TRE to the pitman arm was welded in the tube...
  12. Crashtest84

    Check it out

    Enter to with this sweet AK How many of you guys use Armslist ? http://www.armslist.com/contests?utm_source=c000015&utm_medium=plink&utm_campaign=p013248
  13. Crashtest84

    89 ranger 4x4. aka the rattlin ranger Build.. pic heavy

    89 ranger 4x4. Build lots of pics (edit) I don't have any pics really from when I bought it but as stated its an 89 4x4 2.9 5speed. When I bought it the lil 235/75/15 were bald so it got some used 31x10.50 buckshots rubbed a lil but not bad. The old 180k mile 2.9 has seen better days. It...
  14. Crashtest84

    v-8 Trans to use a 1354t-case ?

    So I have a project that has a 302. With I think an AOD and I know 1356 tcase. To sum a few things up I need to shorten my drive system and I know the 1354 is almost a full 3 inches shorter. For some reason I was thinking there is a c-6 trans or a t-5 with the right bolt pattern and output to...
  15. Crashtest84

    89 2.9 with a few problems still

    Ok so some time back I put lifters in to help the tick, made it better but didn't go away. It comes and goes as it wants. Truck has 183k on it so im sure the oil pump and bearings are all letting the oil pressure down. Thats not my problem though, the truck runs ok most the time keyword being...
  16. Crashtest84

    97 exploder 5.0 into a 89 ex-cab 4x4 build

    Ok guys so My 2.9 is on its last bit of life, no oil to the heads. So I got a 97 explorer with a 5.0 auto with the awd transfer "already sold". I have some questions now I don't have the explorer in my hands yet. First will the 1354 transfer case bolt to the auto trans that mated the awd in the...
  17. Crashtest84

    my 2.9maybe half toast. imput from you guys needed

    my 2.9maybe half toast. imput from you guys needed "updated info" ok so I had posted over in another post about low power issues. To shorten the story up here I am not getting oil to the rockers and that has caused the rockers to gull a lil on the shaft. I priced shafts at about $35each new and...
  18. Crashtest84

    the flop

    well I flopped the ranger on its side over the weekend... need some lower gears still 4.10s just not enough had to use a lil to much skinny peddle to get it moving and when it did woooohooo over I went. I still laugh everytime I watch it ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_jKeAY9zwc
  19. Crashtest84

    my labor day weekend fun

  20. Crashtest84

    anyone one here?

    Does anyone on here work for ford or a former ford plant? If so whats some news on the lay-offs ?