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  1. 2002edgeplussupercab

    Replaced sliding back window today

    Was Super Easy Peasy and made the GF very happy cause she drives it since I have an F150 also.
  2. 2002edgeplussupercab

    28 or 31 ?

    How can I figure out if my differential has a 28 spline or a 31 spline input ?
  3. 2002edgeplussupercab

    rearend swap

    Can I swap the 7.5" rearend in my 2002 RWD Ranger for a 2000 Explorer 8.8" ? Sorry, I searched the threads and read the FAQ's and learned how to identify my rearend. I have a crappy 7.5" 3.73 open. What are some critical things to know about this swap ? Anyone know what an average labor...
  4. 2002edgeplussupercab

    leaking ypipe - manifold passenger side

    Been living with it for over a year and a half. Leak keeps getting worse and exhaust sounding horrible on the passenger side. Put on a new ypipe assembly and can not get the passenger side of the ypipe to mate up to the manifold correctly. The assembly with cats are good brand name from RockAuto...
  5. 2002edgeplussupercab

    hot water hoses to intake

    2002 3.0 There are small hoses coming off separate T's on the heater hoses and going to the back side of the intake, down low close to the block. Anyone know what it is they are going to ? Is it OK to plug one off during summer ? I am assuming they are supply and return to warm something in cold...
  6. 2002edgeplussupercab

    130 amp Alt part #

    Anyone know the RockAuto part # for new Motorcraft 130 amp alternator ?
  7. 2002edgeplussupercab

    sways and springs

    Have new Hellwig sway bars and 2500# helper springs going on this week. Anyone else do all this at once ?
  8. 2002edgeplussupercab

    Rear Edge bumper with reciever hitch

    I am in need of a new OEM Edge style rear bumper, the black one with the black vinyl pad that works with a receiver hitch installed also. Any clues ? I have found several but they are all the mounting type for an Edge without a receiver hitch and mount where the receiver hitch mounts. I know...
  9. 2002edgeplussupercab


    Stock 6 cd changer headunit and 4 door speakers. They are flawless.
  10. 2002edgeplussupercab


    Batesville in NorthCentral Arkansas Arkansas is technically in the SouthEast, BTW ... :flipoff:
  11. 2002edgeplussupercab

    118000 miles

    Putting my '02 3.slow in the shop this morning for 6 new injectors, 4 new cats, 3 new O2 sensors, timing cover gasket, new waterpump, top and bottom radiator hose, thermostat, Oil pan gasket, new plugs, gas filter, class III receiver hitch, trailer brake controller with new RV plug wiring done...
  12. 2002edgeplussupercab


    Hi from Sunny (sometimes) Arkansas :bye: