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  1. Two plus one

    The first two were reman. This one is "new" aftermarket from Kragen.
  2. Squeal, squeal... oh fugggg

    ANOTHER water pump dead. This is the 3rd water pump i'm replacing in a month. They are always failing at the shaft seal/bearing. What can I possibly be doing wrong to kill the water pump again? C:>
  3. Going straight...

    All of a sudden, my turn signals won't work. Other than the flasher/fuse... am I overlooking something silly that would prevent ALL turn signals from lighting up? Thanks a bunch! C:>
  4. Coil Pack Wiring

    I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. If I'm not mistaken, as I stand in front of the engine the cylinders are as follows: 3 - 6 2 - 5 1 - 4 But the coil pack is arranged: 3 - 5 2 - 6 1 - 4 Could someone please confirm... or correct me? 93 Ranger, V6 4.0
  5. #2 Cylinder is not firing

    I ran a cylinder balance test, trying to identifya miss, and got a code 20 (cylinder #2 not firing properly) code. I have installed new spark plugs, new wires and checked compression. Compression reads 180 on that cylinder (compression in other cylinders ranged from 165 to 180). Any suggestions?
  6. Houston, we've got a problem...

    Performing a Key On, Engine Off test, I received codes 173 and 176. According to my code reader reference, that means I have an HEGO sensor fault (rich) and HEGO sensor fault, always lean. Could someone please shed some light in "plain english" on how to fix this problem? Thanks a bunch! C:>
  7. Accel Coil Pack???

    I'm looking at replacing my coil pack (93 Ranger, 4.0L, V6), and more for affordability rather than performance, I've run into the ACCEL coil packs on e-bay. Is anyone running these? are they worth it? or am I going to regret going with the aftermarket components? Thanks a bunch!
  8. How to spot a miss?

    My truck has a miss, as a result of which it won't pass smog. what's the most accurate way to identify a miss, with a coil pack?
  9. Air Filter Housing for 4.0 ranger

    Is there a vendor that intake air filter housings? Mine is cracked (Purchased the truck that way). Else, does anyone know anyone selling one?
  10. A wiring diagram

    Wouldn't it be nice if we had one? perhaps even one per year? Thanks!
  11. Where does this wire go?

    I am not sure if we have a good wiring diagram/schematic of the engine bay for a 93 4.0. But the connector I am trying to hook up has a blue and a white wire (about gauge 14), with a black plastic cap/holder. It is (in my car) coming out of the wiring loom, just under the throttle cable and it...
  12. Where's the ECU?

    I have a 93, 4.0. Just replaced the head gasket and getting ready to fire it up for the first time (truck is new to me). Could you please let me know where the ECU is so I can see if I'm getting any error codes? Thanks a bunch! C:>
  13. Pics of your engine bay?

    Looking for pix of a clean engine bay for a 4.0... circa 93. I'm doing a head gasket job... and I want to make sure I connect everything just right... but clean pictures are so pretty.... C:>
  14. exhaust manifold gaskets

    I am working on a 93 4.0 ranger with a blown head gasket. I noticed the gasket kit comes with exchaust manifold gaskets... but the truck didn't have gaskets when torn. Any suggestions? should I use the manifold gaskets anyway?
  15. Replacing head gasket but...

    What risks would I be running if I: 1) Didn't replace head bolts? 2) Did a visual inspection but didn't replace the heads themselves? Thanks! C:>
  16. younger head is better?

    I'm wondering... I have a 93 Ranger 4.0. Need to replace heads. Will later i.e. 97/98 heads bolt on? what differences in performance would I notice? will all other items bolt on? Thanks, Carlos
  17. How does a lowered suspension affect towing ability/capacity?

    I have a 93 2WD that I just acquired, and I would like to use it for towing. It has all the wiring in place, which is a plus. However, the whole truck is just a little too high for my taste. I really would like to lower it (and my trailer hitch is only about 17" of the ground so I would...
  18. Gimme head(s)

    Is there a good source for 4.0 heads? reputable/inexpensive? Thanks! Carlos
  19. Is it possible to replace 93 4.0 with 98 4.0?

    What would be involved in doing this? I hear the heads are a little different, but would the intake manifolds, ecu, etc. work? Or could I do it with the 93 setup? Thanks, Carlos
  20. How is towing capacity changed if truck lowered?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this question, but I invite the ADMIN team to move as needed. I have a 93 Ranger, regular cab, with a 3.0 engine. The truck is a new acquisition... and I've noticed it rides a little high. I really want to drop the truck about 3-4 inches. I...