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  1. Maritime Drag Racing

    Dropped I-beams

    Looking for a set of used DJM or Belltech dropped I-beams for a 1st gen Ranger. With the Canadian $$ so low compared to the US dollar and the old age pension being my only source of income new ones are out of the question right now.
  2. Maritime Drag Racing


    It's now the end of July and I should have already been to three different tracks for five events, two points meets, five Gamblers races, two Test and Tunes and two outdoor car shows. Instead of that the truck is still on jackstands in the garage since the middle of last September and my wife is...
  3. Maritime Drag Racing


    What are the odds of two blue 350 Chevy powered Rangers with the exact same wheels being on the track at the same time? Also my name is Don, his name is Donnie, I'm from Homeville and he married a girl from Homeville. Cape Breton Dragway - Gerard Bryden photo.
  4. Maritime Drag Racing

    Leaf spring clamp trial?

    We've been getting too much chassis separation on launch so we're going to try this clamp on the front half of our "two leaf" spring packs. Two leafs only per side that is because we only kept the main leaf, tossed all the rest then made up a custom 2nd leaf a little thicker which we had to get...
  5. Maritime Drag Racing

    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Hello from Sydney, Nova Scotia. 69 year old retired coal miner and long time drag racer here. Just built this 87 longbox for Pro class drag racing. Typical 350 SBC bracket engine maybe 425HP. TH350, 8.8 with 4.30 gear and MT 9X30 Stock Eliminator style slicks. Still needs a gear change to 4.88s...