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  1. BAN-ONE

    Wheel spacer stupidity

    Ok so I got some new edge gt wheel for my 97 and hurriedly/uneducatedly order wheel spacers for the front wheels. I screwed up and got non hubcentric and I got 1 inch spacers so I had to grind my studs. Now I’m wondering for those running mustang wheels what size thickness spacer did you run...
  2. BAN-ONE

    Front brake question on a 97

    I’ve recently inherited a 97 2.3 5sp flairside and pulled the deer print wheels in favor of some new edge gt wheels, and I’m now seeing how much brake dust this truck makes. Now, the question is does anyone have a decent rotor/pad upgrade recommendation? I’m looking for any reduction in brake...
  3. BAN-ONE

    Are there any Opie and Anthony fans?

    New member I apologize if this is the wrong spot to post but, I was wondering if there are any old Opie and Anthony fans? It’d be alot cooler if you were 😎. Alright alright alright
  4. BAN-ONE

    It was time to join

    I’ve been lurking for awhile, I inherited a 97 2.3 5 speed flair side 196000 miles and thought it was time to participate.