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  1. juntjoo

    Anyone know off hand the size of the star bolts for the seats?

    Mine's an 03(might be 02)
  2. juntjoo

    What would be the most likely cause of the clutch pedal suddenly losing resistance?

    It was late earlier when it happened as I was about to go on my way home so I didn't check anything, just caught a ride from a friend so I don't know if there's anything obvious like a leak. Is this something that happens often enough with a common cause? I'm not too familiar with the clutch...
  3. juntjoo

    ISO tip to push tailgate hinge back in

    I bumped it(while lowered) bending one of the hinges in a bit causing a good amount of friction while moving it up and down. I was thinking wrapping a strap around it and tying it to something really solid like an electric pole or tree pulling out against it which I may try unless someone has...
  4. juntjoo

    What does it mean if you suddenly lose braking pressure?

    Never had this happen to me before. I was working last night which involves starting and driving my truck shortly, turning it off then repeating. And suddenly after starting it one time I find my brakes spongy and that I've got very low level of fluid in the MC. I dont have the truck on me, I...
  5. juntjoo

    What are my options? Mechanic telling me I'll be needing some new $$$ cats.

    A few months ago I got a cel for something related to one of the banks and fuel delivery I think. Lost the piece of paper. Well months later it recently started giving me problems, sluggish to almost undriveable and I could smell fuel. It was intermittent so I ignored it for a bit til it just...
  6. juntjoo

    AC eventually stops working, also seemed to stall engine once

    It stalled the engine the other day. I'm assuming so because it wouldn't restart until I turned the AC off. Maybe there's no relationship. IDK. But otherwise the AC gradually loses usefulness. Hopefully it just needs a recharge. What do you guys think?
  7. juntjoo

    Parked in neutral but wheels stuck.

    I'm having to bust it free with the engine and it feels like it's in gear or something, but obviously not as I'm putting it in reverse to back out of my driveway. I'm on a little incline facing up. I'm releasing the e-brake which seems to function correctly and not having any thing to do with...
  8. juntjoo

    How to install a winch in the bed(for motorcycle and riding mower)

    Title says it all. I've seen a few vids on it. Some have installed them on the floor of the bed, others higher up to clear the end of the bed/gate. I've seen some installed on bed racks, others right into the the bed body itself. I'd like to do it the easiest way. I've got good step drill bits...
  9. juntjoo

    Check engine light went on, then off, overheated a could times past 1.5krpm's,

    ... then stopped overheating, according to the gauge at least. Can the gauge be faulty? Or could it be the thermometer? What would make the check engine light go on if related to this? It didn't seem hot, the oil is good, and I just recently topped off the coolant with prediluted 50/50 solution...