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  1. Need 2.9l jba headers

    Looking to buy jba headers for a 2.9l
  2. What would you choose 2.9 turbo

    That is art haha
  3. What would you choose 2.9 turbo

    Every engine has its qualities a swap isnt always the answer to me. If I want to drive a v8 I'll hop in my 1986 351w f150 or 1990 383 k1500 And as for the 4.0 it's not any better for building than the 2.9 as far as I've read. If anything it's more expensive. I got the truck because it was an...
  4. What would you choose 2.9 turbo

    I didn't think it was relevant to the question to add that info specifically. Didn't mind doing so if someone wants it. But I provided all the relevant info to compare the two turbos. Yes same internals no different heads. Stock block is generally good for 450hp reliable 550hp uper limit as far...
  5. What would you choose 2.9 turbo

    So I'll try and hit all the questions in one go. Starting with a block I had cryo treated heavy duty heads not wp but of = or better quality and forged internals also cryo. The whole long block is rebuilt and stored in my shop right now waiting to be installed. I have new performance injectors...
  6. What would you choose 2.9 turbo

    Guess you've never heard of the scorpio or Granada look them up plenty have been turbocharged. Good thing I have a cryo treated 2.9 with forged internals and heavy duty heads. But hey let's throw up a response on the forced induction section that's formed on assumption. The question was about...
  7. What would you choose 2.9 turbo

    The garret GT2871R or a kkk27 both have 68%-77% efficiency for 20 psi boost from 2000-6000 rpm any other recommendations post a model and compressor map
  8. 2.9 turbo questions

    Turbo technic used dual garrett T02's on the 2.9
  9. FM145 Strength

    I know this is an old thread but it's on the first page of google search (fm145,strength,tq ratings) so I thought I'd add some info about the 5th gear issue. a notorius problem with the 5th gear bearing sleeve wearing into the 5th/reverse synchronizer hub. This problem further has cause the...
  10. Artical for fm 145 and 146 manual trans 5th gear issue fix

    Bellow is an article addressing the 5th gear blowout in the fm 145 and fm 146 it talks about the issue and causes as well as lists available parts to prevent the problem http://autotransmissionblog.com/ford-ranger-5-speed-fm145-fm146-5th-gear-problem/ I did not find anything referencing a...
  11. 1987 ford ranger, $6,000 and a toolbox.

    I had an old bronco with the 351w thing wouldn't die even after putting it under water for a couple of days when I got it home and changed the oil it was white, but cleared out the cylinders and put new oil in and she cranked right up like nothing happened. Ran for 2 years after that trans died...
  12. 1987 ford ranger, $6,000 and a toolbox.

    Just an update, finally found a m5od-r1 at a local u pull. Price out the door 800 for trans transfer and front rear shafts. Got my rear axle back ordered tube stock to start bed cage for long travel rear.
  13. 1987 ford ranger, $6,000 and a toolbox.

    So I decided on building my 351w but I want more than 4 grand can get me (400hp pump gas crate engine) for my engine build so I'm going to hold off till my next bonus. Till than I'm throwing new heads on the old 2.9 and building my 10.5 tundra rear that I got at a price I couldn't miss out on...
  14. 1987 ford ranger, $6,000 and a toolbox.

    Picked up a 2013 tundra 10.5 rear axle today got it at a good price too cant wait to start building it for the ranger sending it off to a welding shop after I gut the housing to be built and have all the right brackets put on.
  15. 1987 ford ranger, $6,000 and a toolbox.

    Naw I'm good with it lol its entertaining plus sometimes you learn something new from the off topic stuff.
  16. 1987 ford ranger, $6,000 and a toolbox.

    If I drop the weight of the 3400 pound truck by 550 pounds that puts it at 3000 with me in it so off that 3000 pound and 14 sec 1/4 I'd be looking at 275 at the wheels in theory. That's not to crazy. So what 140 is factory magic number actually like 117 add in restoration good heads good airflow...
  17. 1987 ford ranger, $6,000 and a toolbox.

    Juice isnt my only go fast answer I just have a full kit off another project I'd be willing to use. I'd prefer turbo. Or turbo bottle combo. This isnt some die hard track truck project i just want to have fun with it. I always see people in the forum offering up ways to spend someone's money...
  18. 1987 ford ranger, $6,000 and a toolbox.

    All the work myself. I have an abundance of time to myself on my off nights.