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  1. svtcards

    Small Nick on new front main seal

    So started to install my new timing cover on my 302 I noticed i accidentally nicked the new front seal on crankshaft.should I be concerned on it leaking at all? It's pretty small.let me knoe
  2. svtcards

    How many vaccum lines can i eliminate

    So I'm sure I've mentioned I'm In the process of doing a v8 swap in my 87 ranger.i have a 1995 mustang as my donor.now my question is that car has quite a few vaccum lines.how many and which vacuum lines can I eliminate from mustang to my ranger.
  3. svtcards

    1 step closer for V8 swap

    Just finished painting and detailimg engine bay.now need to push this thing out and drive mustang in and start pulling that motor out.hopefully all put in b4 snow fall
  4. svtcards

    V6 rubber mounts flexibility

    So I bolted up my v6 mounts for my V8 swap I'm currently working on.after I bolted them on I noticed that as i grabbed and twisted mounts a little that the driver side flexed quite a bit more then the passenger side did.is this normal? and should I be concerned with it?
  5. svtcards

    1st gen engine mount brackets?

    I'm using Rick's ranger plates and 4.0 mounts for my swap.now my question is the 2.3l brackets that bolts to engine crossmember currently on my 87 ranger. are those removed and the 4.0l mounts bolts right to the crossmember? Or do I still use the oem brackets as well?
  6. svtcards

    1st Gen rangers have 2 fuel filters??

    I'm in the process of replacing my fuel system and I noticed there's 2 fuel filters.1 cartridge cannister type and 1 inline type behind driverside motor mount.are these both needed?I read I had to relocate the inline one for header clearance just wasn't sure where to relocate it or if it's...
  7. svtcards

    Is charcoal can needed??

    I wondering if black plastic charcoal can that's bolted the radiator support on the driverside is needed or not?I know a line is connected to top of gas tank.i ask because I need space for an overflow tank and my battery relocation to the driver side.
  8. svtcards

    For Sale 2wd Slotted/Cross drilled front rotors

    I have a set of new never used slotted and cross drilled front rotors for a 83-88 2wd rangers.throw me an offer.
  9. svtcards

    What engine wiring is needed b4 I pull motor

    Hi!I'm almost ready to pull my engine out on my 87 efi 2.3l engine.now my question is. is there anything on old wiring harness from the 2.3l i need to save to use with v8 wiring harness? or save anything from old engine for that matter?
  10. svtcards

    302 mock/setup block

    I was wondering if anyone out there ever used a plastic set up mock up 302 block for there ranger v8 swap?if so how much easier is it then pulling in an out a regular 302 short block?was contemplating getting one but can't find any under like 400.is it worth it?or just do it the regular way.
  11. svtcards

    Egr /smog pump delete.what to expect

    Hi everyone me again.i had a question about egr/smog pump delete on my sn95 donor v8 swap.i was in process of deleting both egr and smog and was wondering what I was getting myself into.like how will it run after deletion.i read quite a few posts that says deleting it would cause detenation on...
  12. svtcards

    Pics of my very first ranger

    I was going through some old pics and found a few of my first attempt of customizing my first ever 1983 ranger.late me know if any mods u c tells u what yr mods were done.lets c how good u guys are.lol
  13. svtcards

    Pics of my v8 ranger project

    Let me know what u guys think
  14. svtcards

    What to use for a clutch master cylinder for a t5 manual

    i was wondering what people use for a clutch master cylinder for a v8 swap with a t5 manual?can i use my 87 ranger clutch master cylinder on t5s slave cylinder or not??let me know who used what and how well it worked.
  15. svtcards

    still a little confused???

    so i have a 1995 donor for my v8 swap.now what im a tad confused about is can i just use the oem harness on the donor stang and wire it to my 1987 ranger and get it to run or will i have to change distributor and ecc and all that other stuff??i never done a engine swap b4 of any kind so some of...
  16. svtcards

    Alternative for the trans dapt oil relocation kit 1113.

    does anyone have an alternative instead of using the trans dapt for the oil filter relocation kit for the v8 swap rangers.i've been reading alot of reviews on the trans dapt one that jegs sells item #1113 in there conversion kit and alot of them aren't to good.alot of people were complaining...
  17. svtcards

    Northern aluminum raditator.how well do they work?

    Has anyone used the northern brand raditator for a v8 conversion on a 83-88 rangers?if so how good do they fit?was there any modifications needed for install?and how well do they keep the v8 cooled down?i c quite a few people on ebay selling these radiators for the v8 swap rangers.was curious if...
  18. svtcards

    Painless wire harness for 5.0l efi swap into 1980s ranger

    has anyone ever used a painless wiring harness to do a 5.0l efi swap into an 1980s ranger?they swear up and down they can make a harness for any application.
  19. svtcards

    trans dapt vs advanced adapters.which one is better

    so im in the process of doing a v8 swap in my 1987 2wd ranger which some of u may already know.i c theres a few options for motor mounts out there.what the best and less problemsatic ones out there shoulds i get for my 5.0l swap.i c that trans dapt and advanced adapters offer them.but i can t...
  20. svtcards

    AODE C6.whats the difference?

    i have a question about the AODE and the C6 auto transmission.now my question is whats the difference betweenthe 2?i just picked up a 1994 mustang gt auto with the AODE trans.now i c people usually use the C4 trans for this swap,but can it be done with the AODE trans?if so what kind of issues...