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  1. Nez'sRanger

    1991 Ford Ranger 2.9 v6

    Same. I got mine for $2,000 us, and it needed the heads rebuilt because the guy never serviced the coolant system, and it overheated, but, now that I have it running very reliably, i have no regrets! I think it's important on a new-to-you 2.9 Ranger to make sure the cooling system is in perfect...
  2. Nez'sRanger

    Valve issue?

    Yeah, that rattle at 2500 rpm... Sheesh! I have it in mine. Drives me nuts, but I've put on 8,000 miles on it so far; no rods thrown, rings blown, and no valves have exploded, yet. I've redid the valve lashing to no avail. Must be a bottom end issue?
  3. Nez'sRanger

    Quick question - where does you rotor point on TDC?

    Mine's pointing at 12 o'clock, but yeah, sometimes when putting the distributor in, it's easy to accidentally put it in with the rotor pointing 180 degrees in the wrong direction. I think I tried to compensate for that by putting #1 plug wire at 5 O'clock at one time, because it's such a pain to...
  4. Nez'sRanger

    European 2.9 fuel rail?

    That's what I liked about it... Plus, it looks really, really clean and tidy. Let us know how it fits.
  5. Nez'sRanger

    2.9 wont run

    I've had similar problems multiple times when putting my distributor back on... Turns out, the rotor was facing the wrong way. You need to have all the spark plugs off, put a compression tester on cylinder 1, and manually crank the engine until the tester gives a pressure reading (signifying...
  6. Nez'sRanger

    Oil pump recommendations

    Yeah, what Uncle said. While I went with the melling stock replacement, it never really fixed the ticking, so I do wish I put the high pressure pump in, just to see. I also did the roller rocker mod, and it didn't fix it either. I've heard rumors that it is a bottom end issue that results in...
  7. Nez'sRanger

    European 2.9 fuel rail?

    I found this while searching the UK ebay for 2.9 parts... It looks to be an awesome 2.9 fuel rail! I Love it! Thoughts? I put his item description in google translator: "Refurbished Ford SCORPIO, SIERRA MK1 2.9i V6 injector holder for intake manifold / air collector. The flange has been...
  8. Nez'sRanger

    Cylinder head options

    Awesome! I'll probably opt for the bare heads anyway... I may want to buy the tougher valves. This block is gonna be on the engine stand for a while, so I have time to think about it. I've got morana's custom rockers in sight, as well as good headers and possibly modding the Euro intake onto it...
  9. Nez'sRanger

    Cylinder head options

    Hey guys! While I'm a ways off from actually getting started, I plan on rebuilding a spare 2.9 I have and putting some serious performance upgrades into it. Drawing tons of ideas from Petroleum junkie! I know one of the limiting factors will be heads. I've come across several online that claim...
  10. Nez'sRanger

    Swapping 2010 ranger rear axle on 89 ranger

    This is awesome! Thank you!!
  11. Nez'sRanger

    Swapping 2010 ranger rear axle on 89 ranger

    I don't have a new one yet, I'm just getting as much info as I can before buying one, so I can get the right one.
  12. Nez'sRanger

    Swapping 2010 ranger rear axle on 89 ranger

    Thanks guys! I'll have to put this mod on hold until I get a welder and torch, haha!
  13. Nez'sRanger

    Swapping 2010 ranger rear axle on 89 ranger

    Figures... I didn't think it would be as easy as some sources we're vaguely saying.
  14. Nez'sRanger

    Swapping 2010 ranger rear axle on 89 ranger

    I have a 1989 4x4 ranger with 3.73s (obviously, a 7.5"). I'm considering the options on a rear axle swap that will both strengthen the rear end, and give me rear discs. With the digging I've done so far, I think my purposes will be met by a 2010 rear axle swap. maybe an 8.8 with discs and the...
  15. Nez'sRanger

    Possible sticky: 2.9 stock valves and aftetmarket heads vs. SI Portflow Stainless Valves and ported heads

    They're on my bucket list! I have a spare engine in the garage waiting for money (since we apparently have all the time in the world now!).
  16. Nez'sRanger

    2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Looks like a 9v battery plugs into it... Where would that go?
  17. Nez'sRanger

    1988 Ranger 2.9L conversion to 4.0L clutch - Clarification

    Ohhhhh!!!! Haha! Oops! Yes! I guess I'll have to keep my mouth shut the next time I get annoyed when someone doesn't read ALL the instructions! (Umm, what they said ^ )
  18. Nez'sRanger

    1988 Ranger 2.9L conversion to 4.0L clutch - Clarification

    In all seriousness though, if you are still convinced you need/want to do this, it is possible, and I believe there is a whole section of the site dedicated to the 4.0 swap, and I distinctly remember someone doing a write up on doing it in a first gen. There was something about getting the...
  19. Nez'sRanger

    1988 Ranger 2.9L conversion to 4.0L clutch - Clarification

    I was totally gonna jump on this one! Haha! The 2.9 Mafia is out in force tonight! Haha!
  20. Nez'sRanger

    2.9 losing power after 15 mins

    Whole this won't fix your idle issues, I almost guarantee that your throttle cable is stretched and it's not allowing you to reach top speed. https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/throttle-cable-mod/ I would look into your fuel pressure regulator. It may very well be toast. The first thing to...