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  1. hoosier1104

    5.0 Water Meth Injection

    I got spoiled with my 3.slow getting around 22 mpg. So far with the 5.0, I am getting around 17 mpg. This is with a 7.5" open dif and 373 gears mind you. I have been reading up on water/meth injection and it seems like a viable option to get back up to where I was with a small gain in HP as...
  2. hoosier1104


    I recently upgrade my drive train w/ a 5.0. The stock exhaust was left on due to time constraints. I have had a Flowmaster 50 series on my last 5.0 Ranger and liked it but I have grown up a little and value, what is left, my hearing. I had a Thurst on it before and it was way too loud. I do...
  3. hoosier1104

    Expo AWD Rear Supsension components

    I have a buddy out in PA with a 5.0 AWD and he needs to replace the bars that go from the top of the rear axle to inside the frame rail. What are they called technically?
  4. hoosier1104

    Project: Stable DD went to the gym

    Project: Green Gorilla This thread is for V8 specific performance upgrades. My other thread will remain up for maintenance and cosmetic upgrades. So I saw my old Ranger the other day and now I want a V8 again. So here is the plan. Cannibalize the ST Motor/trans/transfer...
  5. hoosier1104

    Calling All Green Rangers

    Post'em up people.
  6. hoosier1104

    R/C Drifters

    Does anyone do drifting with their r/c? I mean with specifically built r/c drift units. I was thinking about getting one and would like recommendations/opinions. :popcorn:
  7. hoosier1104

    Ranger Picture Game

    This is very simple and since it does not appear we have a thread on this why not. Rules: Take a picture of your RBV with the request i.e. your ranger on jack stands. Once the request is met, the person gets to make the next request. *****NO PAST PICTURES WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!!!!*****...
  8. hoosier1104

    Springish IN Meet

    Who is down for a springish meet? I was thinking maybe late April early May. EDIT: Date: 4 June Where: Kokomo, IN Park: TBD Time: Noon
  9. hoosier1104

    Project: Stable DD

    So since my Sport Trac is having electrical issues, I was given a 99 extended cab 3.0L 2wd. I am going to use this thread for maintenance, mileage and minor upgrades. So when I decoded the VIN I noticed Ford had a U and V identifier for the 3.0L; U - 91-08 and V - 99-03. Was there really any...
  10. hoosier1104


    I think this is the right forum to put this in. I picked up a new hobby over the last summer called geocaching. People hide caches, put the coordinates on the website and other people go find them. I have 21 within a 5 mile radius of my office. This is not local to me. It is world wide. I...
  11. hoosier1104

    IN Fall '15 Get Together

    Anyone down for a little get together? :icon_confused:
  12. hoosier1104

    Network Engineers

    Just curious to see how many network engineers we have on here? I am talking about the is what you do for a living not as a hobby. I just started a job as a wireless network engineer. :yahoo: I design and build large wireless networks for correctional facilities.
  13. hoosier1104


    Every has probably heard of Podcasts. Just wanted to see what others are listening to. I listen to the following. About Last Night - Brad Williams (midget comedian; HILARIOUS) Jay and Silent Bob Get Old - Kevin Smith The Secret Stash - Kevin Smith Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier Are Smodcast
  14. hoosier1104

    Project: Twin Screw

    So I figured I would start a build thread to collect ideas on what I want to do. I did a V8 last time and loved it; however, I think a twin screw set up is next. Stay tuned for a very awesome build of epic proportions.
  15. hoosier1104

    I am coming back!!!!!!!!!!

    As some of the older people know, I sold my 05 V8 for a 05 RX-8. Well I am selling my RX-8 to buy another Ranger. We bought a house and we need a truck. I am going to miss my 8 but it will be nice to be behind the wheel of a Ranger again. :yahoo:
  16. hoosier1104

    Did not take long

    Well I have decide to get behind the wheel of a Ranger again after my 8 is paid off. This one is going to be my DD so no hp upgrades or V8 swaps or anything stupid. Plan is to tint the windows, replace the radio and better tires on it. If I can find a FX4 L2 for a descent price I am going...
  17. hoosier1104

    IN Meet Up

    When: 26 April Where: Fort Wayne (escort-gts aka Ben has more info) Time: Noon This is a pitch in like normal. Post up what you are bringing. I will bring plates, plasticware.
  18. hoosier1104

    Bug Out Bags and Contents

    So after viewing 4 pages I saw nothing about bug out bags and there contents. I thought it would be interesting to see what others have put in theirs. I have been meaning to start one so here is a run down of what I have so far. a. Medical kit b. MRE c. Water purification d...
  19. hoosier1104

    RX8 Build Thread

    Since I no longer have a Ranger and I love this place, I thought I would start a build thread for my RX8 here. Here is what I am starting with: 2005 Mazda RX8 1.3L rotary motor 6 speed manual transmission Sunroof Built-in navigation Bose sound system Plans: Small drop Quitter exhaust (yes I...
  20. hoosier1104

    It is official

    With a heavy heart I am announcing that I am no longer in a Ranger. I traded it in on a Mazda RX8. I did not want to do it but the cost of fuel was killing me. I will be in other one for sure. About the RX8 2005 1.3L rotary with a 6 speed manual Sunroof Built in navigation Basically every...