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  1. f250 ranger

    let me tell you about the truck (sorry have no pics before the build)..1992 ex cab 2wd ranger pick it up with title for 200 bucks..first i thought i was going with w twin turbo build for drag ..then my daughter told she miss all the old 4x4s ..so i decided to go with a 4x4 ranger..this is was in...
  2. re-tubing

    why do you need to retube
  3. western kentucky

    any members near murray
  4. quick rear 3in drop

    heres a easy way to drop your rear ranger...i took 2 new rear spring hangers with shackles ..and then . i stalled the rear hangers upside down ..so the shackle faces up..quick easy way to drop rear of a ranger..
  5. hello from ky

    hi my name is chris im from murray ky ...just join to get little help doing a 1992 2wd v8 ranger with a 393w c4 trans with a 14in tire fun truck for street and strip ..will have a nitrous fogger set up ..im looking for a manual steering set up for the truck...