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  1. 79 F150 Side Pipes!

    Just finished installing side pipes on my 79 stepside, here is the finished product :icon_cheers:
  2. 79 F150 rear drum install trouble

    I am replacing both rear drums on my 79 F150, including new hardware and new shoes. I have everything assembled, but when I put the new drum on and torque the wheels, its locked up. Both sides do this, the driverside a little worse than the passenger. I can turn the tires if I really try, but...
  3. Anyone up for a summer WV Meet n' Greet?

    This summer we need to set up a Meet n' Greet here in WV. I have a farm we can all meet at and have a bonfire and party, or we can meet somewhere equal distance from everyone so no one has to drive to far. Any interest? Im thinking sometime after the 4th of July, feel free to throw dates...
  4. Hard Start, 05 Ranger 4.0

    Well everytime I try to start my truck, it will crank over but won't start on the first try, even with warm weather. If I try a couple of times it will eventually start. I have already replaced plugs, wires, fuel filter, MAF Sensor. I do not have a computer scanner and was wondering what...
  5. Good F150 Forum?

    I was sorta wondering if there is an F150 Forum like the ranger station, I really like how this one is laid out! So post up if you know of a good forum dealing with F150s... By the way...If you search craigslist in West Virginia, there are alot of 80s rangers for pretty cheap if anyone...
  6. General Grabber AT2

    Well I got about 10,000 miles on em and they seem to be wearing very well. Ive took em through West Virginia mud, Ice, snow, rain, and pavement. This is for size 255/70r16 Mud: Well they ain't no mudders but will get you through! Ice/Snow: This is where the tires shine! They love the snow...
  7. Bodylift and Valance removal

    Im going to be putting a body lift on my 05 ranger this summer so I can run 33s nicely. I want to keep my tow hooks and was wondering what the truck would look like without the valance. Does it look messy? what are the pros and cons on removing the valance? I don't use the fog lights so...
  8. MAF disconnect

    Im tring to unplug my MAF sensor so I can give it a good cleaning but I can't figure out how to unplug the dang thing. I studied it, pulled on it, yelled at it and no go. It has a red slider clip on the bottom that moves back and forth but it doesn't seem to do anything. The truck is a 05...
  9. lookin to fab up a bed/light bar

    I was wondering were I could get a nice diagram of a bed/light bar for a fleet style bed. I tried looking at mfg websites but their pics are pretty useless. I was just wanting a diagram to see where the mounting points are and where about the bends are supposed to be.
  10. the ranger wave

    Everytime I see someone driving a ranger I always wave at em. We should all wave at our fellow ranger drivers because we are like a brotherhood lol Not very many people wave back at me though...:icon_confused: Maybe it will catch on eventually...
  11. Explorer 5.0 on a manual trans.

    Can the Mazda M50D-R1HD handle the Explorer 5.0?
  12. Where can I find stiffer, stronger torsion bars?

    Any ideas where I can find stronger, aftermarket torsion bars for the 05 Ford Ranger?
  13. Dana 35 swap questions

    I found a 97 Explorer 5.0 for a great deal and was wondering if the 97 still had the Dana 35. If they do, I am going get the explorer and rip out the 5.0 and the Dana 35 and swap it in my 05 Ford Ranger. Not really in a rush, but this is a pretty good deal and was going to jump on it if...
  14. Deal from heaven or scam from hell???

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150360961356&viewitem=&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D2&category=33580 This is a link to a ball joint and tie rod replacement deal I found on ebay. I wanted your guys opinion about it cause it seems way too good to be true...
  15. Quick Tie rod question

    Ok, I have an 05 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 and im looking to replace the tie rods. I was on the summit website looking for the tie rods that fit my exact model and all they offer is the outer ends. But for other models of ranger they offer inner ends. Does mine not have inner ends or do i need to...
  16. 92-2008 Axle Code/Gear Ratio Identification Chart

    Found this website that has the axle codes and what the stock gear ratio is for that particular axle. I hope this helps!:icon_thumby: http://www.vibratesoftware.com/html_help/html/Ford/Ford_Ranger_1992-2008.htm#Axle
  17. ranger vs. f150

    What would be a better mud truck, a jacked v8 ranger, or a jacked f150 with a 350 in it. Im think of buyin a truck to jack and tune up and start doin the mud bogs at the county fairs and was wondering what your opinions were and the best route to go. I love em both so its hard to decide lol
  18. Engine Bore??

    I know you can bore fourwheelers out to get way more power out of them, I was wondering if you could bore out a V6 engine. If you could, im curious about what resources i could look up. I own a machine shop so I can do alot of things, just need the know how:icon_thumby:
  19. Computer Tuner?? Good idea??

    Lookin into buyin one of these rascals and was wondering if I should even open this can of worms, any thoughts???
  20. Will it fit on a stock 16 in. rim?

    Im looking at a set of Supper Swamper Thornbird tires and the size im lookin at is 31x11.00r16. Will this tire fit on my stock 05 Ranger rims? Or do I have to buy new ones? Im running 255/75r16 now if that helps...