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  1. For Sale Bed liners

    A friend has a used car dealership. He got a bunch of new Ford Duraliner under rail bedliners when a local dealer folded. He has 6 liners for 93 and newer Ranger long beds and 2 for flareside short beds. He may have some short styleside liners but I didn't dig that far into the mountain. He...
  2. 86 Ranger fuse box diagram

    Anyone have an EVTM or owners manual with a diagram of the fuse box that they could post? I'm working on one for a friend and want to give him a picture and list of which fuses feed which circuits. Thanks.
  3. FM145 fluid

    The manual says 80-90 gear oil, this one had ATF in it when I took it apart. What does everyone recommend for fluid in the Mitsubishi P.O.S.?
  4. Movable rear side windows

    Does anyone know if an 86 supercab with stationary side glass can be fitted with the pop out windows I've seen on a few? And is it a bolt in swap or a major project.
  5. Planing heads on a 2.9

    I've cut the heads on 2.8's by .030" to boost compression, will a 2.9 tolerate that much being planed off?
  6. Looking for longer shackles

    My 93 was lowered when I bought it, being a frugal Yankee, I left the dropped I beams in place and swapped the spring perches on the rear end so it sits on top of the axle. The problem is that the rear is 1 1/2 or 2" lower than I want, even after new rear springs. Has anyone found any longer...
  7. Please explain "Prerunner"

    As I understand it, a prerunner is a lifted 2 wheel drive. I don't understand lifting a 2wd or what it would be used for. I've spent my life in NH, no one buys a 2wd truck except for use as a delivery vehicle because they have no resale value here.
  8. Looking for suggestions: more power from a 2.9

    My friend wants me to work on his 86 Ranger 4x4, 2.9, 5 speed. He wants more power but wants to keep the 5 speed and functional 4 wheel drive. A 302 would probably shred the transmission, the 7.5 and maybe the transfer case. He was thinking of using a 2.3 turbo but I think he'd be better off...
  9. 351 / C4 93 Ranger is on the road

    I bought this truck as a stripped out,hacked up, alleged former drag truck. I say alleged because after getting my Mustang through tech at New England Dragway for 20+ years, there is no way this truck was ever allowed on the track. He broke off bolts everywhere and either drilled them and used a...
  10. More terminology

    No,I'm not going to lecture again about calling Supercabs "extended cabs" or traction lok's "posi's" though it's still happening. Saying it doesn't run, shift, stop, or work properly won't help anyone diagnose a problem. There are people here who will try to help you given a chance and enough...
  11. Standard vs automatic

    My son sent me this, I think because I built my Ranger with an automatic- using the C4 I took out of the last car I swapped to a T5. I've never built a vehicle with an automatic before.
  12. Anyone using a Pertronics Distributor?

    I used a Pertronics billet Ignitor II distributor in my 351 because I didn't have a Duraspark distributor and needed a steel gear to mate with my roller cam. I've tuned Ford distributors for decades but the Pertronics doesn't respond the way I'm used to. The centrifugal advance doesn't move...
  13. MSN Bronco II article

    There's a good article in the MSN cars section about Bronco II's. We sold a pile of them, especially from 86 and up when they got the 2.9 and A4LD to replace the 2.8 and C5. A little more power and overdrive were welcome upgrades.
  14. Installing a Mustang II 8" rear in a Ranger

    I suspect no one else has done this, I had an 8.8 that turned out to be junk except for the housing and the axle pads were welded on the housing at 2 different angles-both wrong. I have a stock of parts for the Mustang II I've owned for 30 years so I measured the axle width for the heck of it. A...
  15. 93 2wd vs 4wd pitman arms

    I replaced the manual steering box in my 93 2wd with a power unit to make driving with a 351 easier. The truck had dropped I beams. The manual pitman arm had a slight drop built into it and the power one is straight which puts the drag link closer to the front oil drain plug than I like on full...
  16. New custom grille for 93-97 & park lenses

    My truck came with a black billet grille that I'm not going to use. Brand new, still in the box, make an offer. Also have 2 new in box clear front parking light lenses. In NH.
  17. New roll pan for styleside

    My project truck came with a new steel roll pan still in the box. I want to sell it or trade it for a chrome rear bumper in nice shape. Make an offer. It's in NH.
  18. 93 Regular cab 2wd 351 swap coil springs

    What's everyone using for front springs to hold up the weight of a V8? The truck had lowering front control arms when I bought it and had been built as a drag truck with a 302 that I sincerely hope was never raced based on the shoddy workmanship I found. I think I can live with the lowered...
  19. 93 Ranger gas tank sender specs

    I'm using an 86-88 gas tank and sending unit in my 93 Ranger and, not surprisingly, the gauge isn't accurate. Does anyone know the resistance specs for empty and full for a 93 sender? Mine shows 76 ohms empty and the gauge reads about half with 3 gallons in it.
  20. How do V8 conversions pass OBD II emissions inspection?

    NH uses the Gordon Darby OBD II emissions inspection system on everything 96 and newer for state inspection. It plugs into the data link and tests the function and it also reads the VIN in the PCM and compares it to the one the tech entered off the registration. The system won't fail a vehicle...