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  1. Downshifting the 2019 Ranger

    Im guessing Aunt Gussies buddy's are having issues with the BS injectors:sneaky:
  2. Oil change Process

    Same, I did not mean to come across as irritated, simply amused(y) I could live closer to work, but I choose to live at the lake, so its worth the commute.
  3. USB Ports in the new Ranger

    USBs in the front are for connection to sync, USBs in rear of console are for charging.
  4. Oil change Process

    Yes, I a door to door salesman:rolleyes:, lol As I said, its only 2 oil changes, one at dealer one by me. 30 miles to work, so 60 a day,,that and a few trips add up. I also commute quite a bit on my motorbike this time of year too,otherwise it would be more, so Id just say our ideas of a lot...
  5. Oil change Process

    Ha!, I bought it on Jan.9th right off the truck and picked it up on the 11th, so Ive had some time to add up mileage, lol
  6. Oil change Process

    Ive done 2, dealer did one around 11,000km(6800miles) and I just did one at home at 19,000km(11800miles) Its not a big, deal at all, first time had some leanings though. -4 17mm bolts to remove skid plate, took me about a minute with an impact -I did mine while the truck was still fairly warm...
  7. The 2019 'Loan Ranger', and 2019 Ranger Adventure

    Good stuff Jim, thanks for the report, its an awesome little truck!
  8. Are you satisfied?

    Very happy, good all around vehicle!
  9. 2020 Ford Ranger FX2 Now Available To Order

    Cant even get or order a 2wd up here in the Great White North so far.
  10. Towing Package Option

    Gear ratio is the same, tow package or not, you will be quite surprised at the power on hand with this little engine. Ive towed my loaded, double enclosed snowmobile trailer(+/- 3000lb) and my relatively light 16' fishing boat, no issue. A good load of wood can weigh quite a bit, but guys are...
  11. Trailer brakes?

    Unfortunately, the Ford one does not exist yet.
  12. Drove one last week

    Buddy at work has the diesel GM, hes a ball scout and puts a ton of miles on, but I think its more stout than the V6 and its tranny issues. I came from a Frontier and it was a decent truck, pig on fuel, around 16mpg average. Only issue I had was pinion bearing and seal, no long before I traded...
  13. Tire Pressure

    Pretty much everyone has been reporting high psi on delivery. Apparently they put high pressure in for shipping and the dealer should lower it , but it seems most miss this. Mine were 42 psi or so and my optional 18" rims call for 30psi, you are not alone:cool:
  14. Camper Shell / Cap availability?

    More pics over on 5G
  15. Camper Shell / Cap availability?

    At least 2 in the wild right now, I believe both are ARE Yes those are 2 different trucks:)
  16. engine made in Mexico, trans in U.S.

    Sorry, mexico is part of the North america, central dosent start until Guatemala, hence the, until recently ,named NAFTA- North American free trade agreement that included Canada, The US and Mexico. If you wanna be real sticky as far as continents go, most of central America and the Caribbean...
  17. Drove one last week

    New vs Old more here https://www.ranger5g.com/forum/threads/supercabs-new-vs-old-size-comparison.1959/
  18. Show us your 2019+ Ford Ranger

    Lots of magnetic and blue as well, I still havent seen another on the road Need newer pic.s, but its always dirty with winter.