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  1. gungfudan

    Curb Weight?

    Anyone have an idea of what the curb weight would be for a 94 Mazda B3000? The VIN sticker only shows the GVWR. I am getting ready to move and I was going to tow my wife’s Toyota Corolla on a dolly but I don’t think that is going to work with the gear ratio I have. I would need to upgrade to...
  2. gungfudan

    Window Crank Sound Dampening

    A video I did showing how I Dampened my window crank handle.
  3. gungfudan

    Interior LEDs

    What are some of the best websites to buy interior LED lights. I looked at amazon to cut cost but it seems that they might not last long. I went to superbrightleds.com and the price isn’t bad put still up there to replace all of them.
  4. gungfudan

    Gasket refresh?

    So my water pump failed on my 94’ B3000 after installing it 15 months ago. So I am changing it out today and I find out that it is leaking behind at the timing chain cover and the driver side head casket is delaminating. The engine has just a little over 72000 original miles on it but it is 25...
  5. gungfudan

    Limited slip spring?

    I was wondering if adding a trac loc spring /limited slip to my existing carrier will make it a limited skid rear end or are there other parts that are needed?
  6. gungfudan

    Kohler Command Pro 9.5 hp problem

    A friend of mine has a bulldog ATV that has a Kohler Command Pro 9.5 hp engine on it. I have removed the carburetor and cleaned it. When I cleaned it I made sure that every hole was clear and it is still doing the same thing. Here is the symptoms when you stomp on the gas the engine dies like...
  7. gungfudan

    Startup Weird?

    my 94’ always starts up idles around 1000-1100 rpms then drops down to 800-900 rpms and stays there. Just recently, over the last three months, it has started up and ran around 2000 RPMs and drops to 1000 RPMs. It has only done this about three times in the past three months. What could be the...
  8. gungfudan

    Battery Clamps?

    I am going to upgrade the wiring to the battery. I need to upgrade the battery clamps as well. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good set of battery clamps?
  9. gungfudan

    1994 Mazda B Series Owners Manual

    So.... My owners manual for my 1994 Mazda B3000, which is not specific to the B3000, pages where separating from the cover's binding. So I decided to finish the job so i could make it into a PDF. My plan is to get it rebound. Sorry everyone I could not attach one large PDF so I broke it up into...
  10. gungfudan

    Injector Impedance?

    Is the injector impedance on the 3.0 14.6 +/- .5?
  11. gungfudan

    Oil Catch Can

    Anyone ever added a Oil catch can to their 3.0?
  12. gungfudan

    94 B3000 LEDs

    Any recommendations on a good brand of LED Bulbs for a headlights on a 94' B3000?
  13. gungfudan

    94 3.0 to 4.0 Conversion

    I have some questions on the difficulty of swapping from a 94 3.0 to a 4.0 similar year OHV or earlier? Will the Transmission swap from the 3.0 to the 4.0? Can I use any of the wiring harness from the 3.0 to the 4.0? Do I basically have to change everything?
  14. gungfudan

    Intake Tube?

    Does anyone know where to get the replacement coupler that goes on the plastic intake tube? I have one that is severely dry rotted.
  15. gungfudan

    2007 Chevy Uplander A/C Compressor

    A friend of mine has a 2007 Chevy Uplander and the a/c was low on refrigerant. He filled it and it worked for a few days and it won’t kick back on. He jumped the relay and it comes on and still has good pressure. He has tried other relays and that are the same in the fuse box and none of them...
  16. gungfudan

    Fuel Pump Strainer and Fuel Tank Size

    I posted some questions about a problem with my 94' Mazda B3000 when it reached a 1/4 of a tank of gas it would shut off coming to a stop. I also asked about my fuel tank size. Both of the questions were unanswered so I removed the posts. I don't care that they were not answered because I...
  17. gungfudan

    96' Chevy K1500 Starting Issue

    A friend of mine has a 96' Chevy K1500 5.7L. It has a hard time starting. I took a fuel pressure reading just with the key on the pressure reads 60 psi then drops down to zero almost instantly with the key still in the on position. When it actually is running the Fuel pressure stays at 50-52...
  18. gungfudan

    Oil Pressure Switch.

    I am doing to oil pressure gauge fix and would like to know where is the oil pressure switch located?
  19. gungfudan

    Engine Oil Cooler

    Is anyone running an engine oil Cooler on their 3.0? Who makes a kit for it?
  20. gungfudan

    Comfortable Seats?

    What year Ranger/B-Series had the most comfortable seats?