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  1. Billgrieve

    How to increase load capacity?

    So I have a 2009 Mazda B4000 (Ford Ranger) I load my bigger then normal atv (2005 Can-am Outlander Max XT) It’s 94 inches long and weights 646 pounds..My truck squats in the rear pretty bad ..Wondering how I can make the rear springs stiffer .(Cheapest way) I have a friend that owns a auto...
  2. Billgrieve

    What size tires are on you’re Ranger ?

    What size tires are on you’re 2009 Ford Ranger 4x4 ? If oversized do you have a lift on the truck ? (Please post pictures) When I bought my truck it came with 255/70/16 on it .I was wondering when they need to be replaced what size tires should I go with ? I spend 75% of my free time in the...
  3. Billgrieve

    New used engine to old transmission

    This is probably going to be a dumb question but I have a 2009 Mazda b4000 and the engine is junk so I went out and bought a new used engine from a 2006 Ford Ranger it’s the same engine with the same vin code..What I’m wondering is can I bolt the new engine to the original transmission that was...
  4. Billgrieve

    Different VIN# swap question ?

    My Mazda b4000 is a 2009 V6 4.0 SOHC with the 8th digit “E” I have a local scrap yard saying that a V6 4.0 SOHC with the 8th digit “X” will go right in after bolting my injections on ..Is this correct or is there something else I will have to do ?
  5. Billgrieve

    Looking for repair manual

    I was looking on the Ranger station for free repair manuals and found them but they don’t seem to be working..Does anyone know where I can look at a free repair manual for a 2009 Ford Ranger or 2009 Mazda b4000 ..Thanks
  6. Billgrieve

    Engine swap question

    I have a 2009 Mazda b4000 that has the V6 4.0 SOHC engine will the engine from a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport trac with the v6 swap in ? I think they are they same engine but not sure
  7. Billgrieve

    2009 4.0 Sohc firing order

    Wondering if anyone has a picture of the firing order for 2009 V6 4.0 SOHC engine..Thanks
  8. Billgrieve

    2008 b4000 V6 4.0 timing question.

    I know a older lady selling her 2008 Mazda b4000 v6 4.0 4x4 with 115000 km She bought the truck new and always brought it to a ford dealer for her matiance ....I live in a small town and only have a ford dealer..She didn’t realize the oil was a little low and it caused the timing chain to losein...