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  1. RangerVet

    Who do you use for genuine Ford parts?

    '05 Ranger Edge, 2wd, 2 door 3.0 stick shift with around 67.000 miles in Western Arizona. I am having fun in the garage by slowly but surely replacing worn parts and those that I expect to be worn out soon. On to the O2 sensors. I really like to use Ford parts to replace sensors but I hate to...
  2. RangerVet

    PCV valve info

    I decided to do some maintenance on my '05 2wd Edge. One of the things was to replace the PCV valve with a new one. For the most part I use NAPA as I get a Veteran's discount there. My first problem was to source a new one as they list 3 different styles for the 3.0. I had to bring in the VIN...
  3. RangerVet

    Power washer

    I watch sever You Tube videos on what to look for in an at-home pressure washer. I did not want a gas powered device as they are very noisy and one more item to maintain. I selected this Sun Joe unit and had it shipped for free from Sam's Club. I think it was about $145. Here in AZ many of...
  4. RangerVet

    You Tube Mechanic just scared me about cracked head problems on 3.0

    '05 Ranger 2wd Edge 3.0 with 60,000+ miles. Stick shift. I was watching the Car Wizard channel last night and he was giving his opinions on "What to buy - What not to buy" when it comes to small to medium trucks. He said the Ford Ranger was a great truck to buy but not those with the 3.0 V6...
  5. RangerVet

    Ford vs Ferrari

    Worth seeing for all fans of racing and motor sports. I thought the acting was very good along with the action scenes. Plus I learned a lot about the history of Ford racing and Carrol Shelby that I did not know. I grew up in a GM family and mostly drove GM products over the years. I was also...
  6. RangerVet

    Littlefuse tap?

    Attempting to tap into the fuse panel by the passenger footwell. I pushed the Littlefuse adaptor in put it does not feel right. It just falls right out. I tried sticking it back in and taping it down with some real sticky plumbers tape which holds real good but I am not getting any power...
  7. RangerVet

    V8 Bronco

  8. RangerVet

    3.0 Engine diagram?

    I am looking for a diagram or pic of the 3.0 Ranger engine that labels the different parts and sensors. The owner's manual and the Haynes manual are useless. Mine is a 2005. I like to do preventative maintenance such as cleaning and lubrication to make things run smoothly. I am retired and...
  9. RangerVet

    Side Step Bars

    I decided to buy some nerf bars so I could get up into my '05 Edge easier. Started at the local truck accessory dealer. They wanted $450. NAPA wanted $250. LMC Truck had none in their catalog. Found Ebay seller LEDIN-US who wanted $120 to include local sales tax and shipping. This appears...
  10. RangerVet

    Door switch for dome light. Where is it?

    2005 Ranger 2 door. Sometimes the dome light comes on when I open the driver side door and sometimes it doesn't. So today I grab my WD 40 so I can lube the plunger switch on the door jamb. I cannot find one. Where or what causes the interior light to come on when you open the door?
  11. RangerVet

    Oil filter change on a 3.0. Frustrating.

    I know I should follow my wife's advice and take my '05 Ranger 2wd stick shift to the dealer for an oil change. I can afford it and since I just turned 74 and am not a dainty guy I can see her reasoning. BUT I am stubborn and my parents grew up in the Depression. I buy the 5W30 synthetic oil...
  12. RangerVet

    LED third brake light/cargo light

    I picked up this light from Amazon for under $30 shipped. Five minute job for my '05 Ranger Edge. Plug and play.
  13. RangerVet

    Fun with my '05 Edge

    I decided that my 3.0, 5 speed 2wd Ranger was ready for new transmission and rear gear lubricant at 65,000 miles. It has spent its life as an Arizona farm truck and probably suffered some rough treatment. I have now owned it 5 months. One great thing about the 2wd Edge is that it has the same...
  14. RangerVet

    What gear to change to?

    Fairly new here. I have a 3.0, stick shift, 2005 Ranger Edge 2wd with 65,000 miles. It has the 8.8 and a 4:10 gear without the limited slip. My goal is better gas mileage and less of a granny gear when taking off in first gear. I swapped the stock 235 75R 15 tires and wheels for aftermarket...
  15. RangerVet

    Is this the way all Rangers were equipped? Spare tire

    I have only owned my '05 Ranger Edge (2wd stick shift 3.0) for a few months and am slowly discovering things about it. The door sticker shows it came equipped with 235 75R 15 tires all around. I dropped the spare today to lube the lifting mechanism and check the air pressure. Imagine my...
  16. RangerVet


  17. RangerVet

    2019 Route 66 Fun Run - 37th year

    This run begins on Route 66 In Seligman, Arizona and goes about 150 miles ending on the Colorado River at Topock, AZ. There appeared to be about 500 vehicles involved and they all stopped in my town of Kingman, AZ for the day today. This is my 3rd year here and I was blown away by the variety...
  18. RangerVet

    What OBD II Scanner to use? '05 Ranger Edge, 2WD Stick Shift

    There are so many for sale out there it is mind boggling. What does the Forum recommend. For occasional use only.
  19. RangerVet

    2005 Ranger Edge. What dash bulbs to use. No help from owner's manual

    There are a couple of good how to's on You Tube on removal of the instrument panels. Unfortunately they only go up to the 2003 model. The Haynes manual does not list a bulb for the '04 and later Rangers and my '05's owner's manual says, "To replace all instrument panel lights - see your...