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  1. 86isuzu

    No-start after fuel filter replacement

    Hey ya'll. Mods, feel free to move this to a different forum if this isn't correct. 1989 Bronco II 2.9L Was replacing my brake lines when I happened to break one of the fuel connectors at the fuel filter. So I did not relieve the pressure the correct way. Swapped the filter out, put a new...
  2. 86isuzu

    Question for the TTB Gurus!

    I installed leveling coils. '89 BII, Skyjacker 132. And I netted about 1.5" of lift. I took it to my mechanic who is pretty well versed in ttb suspensions with 2.5 & 3.5 degree camber bushings. He says it isn't enough to align it yet and suggested drop brackets. I feel if I have to install drop...
  3. 86isuzu

    WTB: FX4 manual shift knob

    Looking to buy the special FX4 manual shifter knob that appears to be unavailable everywhere. The truck I just bought did not come with it. Ford #1L5Z7213AA I'll reply to this post if I happen to come across one in the future, so if you happen to be reading this in 2021, please reply anyway.
  4. 86isuzu

    Lebanon, Ohio

    Anybody in the Lebanon, Ohio area willing to take a look at a truck for me? https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=523073441 Being a 6 hour drive, I'd prefer to have some boots on the ground as it were beforehand. I'd be willing to pay for your time. Feel free...
  5. 86isuzu

    1987 Ranger Electric

    https://jalopnik.com/this-manual-transmission-electric-ford-ranger-has-a-30-1837517378 https://treasure.craigslist.org/cto/d/vero-beach-electric-ford-ranger/6957440779.html Is this one of our members? It looks pretty well put together.
  6. 86isuzu

    00+ to 93-99 taillight conversion

    Hi all. I've always perferred the tri-color amber/red/white tails to the newer red/white ones. My question is wiring. The gen 3s use a 2 wire turn and a 3 wire stop/tail. While the new ones use a 3 wire for all 3 functions. If i split my stop/turn wire, ill feed 2 bulbs at once - not what i...
  7. 86isuzu

    Craigslist '84 Ranger 6wheeler

    This is most definitely not mine. http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/who-needs-a-mercedes-6x6-when-this-6-wheel-ford-ranger-1770274901 Here's the ad: http://www.craigslistadsaver.com/view.php?name=6WheeledRanger Anyone interested in such a rolling deathtrap?
  8. 86isuzu

    Ford plans to build Ranger at Michigan Assembly

    Is it true? http://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2015/08/25/ford-ranger/32373741/...
  9. 86isuzu

    Gen2 to Gen1 headlight swap

    Has anybody tried fitting 5x7 (H6054) sealed beams in place of the stock Gen 2 headlights? There are some pretty nice 5x7 LED lamps that I've been thinking about.
  10. 86isuzu

    upgraded pc wont start

    Ok, so as the title implies, I upgraded my computer today, and now it won't fire up. I installed a 2nd GPU (MSI HD5770), and swapped the stock cpu cooler and fan for a big ass cooler master 212 with 2 120mm fans. I've looked back inside the case to see if I forgot to plug any wires in. My...
  11. 86isuzu

    Thinkin about buying a BII

    As the thread title states, I'm looking at buying a Bronco II. Specifically, a 1990 that my neighbor is selling for $2000. He *says* he put $1000 into it in the past year, with new brakes and other things. I've lived near it for the past year, never seen the damn thing move. And other long...
  12. 86isuzu

    Tire Storage

    Did a quick search and didn't see anything. What is the proper way to store tires from dry rot and fatigue? Let the air out? Fully inflated? Covered? I was intending to keep my BFG ATs stored in an unheated garage for ~6 months, while I figure my vehicles out. Thoughts?
  13. 86isuzu

    Problem with "steam"

    I just started getting this error message today: *Error* Steam.exe (main exception): CMultiFieldBlob(pSerialized): Bad field - extends past end of blob That's what it reads, verbatim. Will not let me start steam, or any programs that require steam. :bawling: Any advice? Win 7 x64, i5 quad...
  14. 86isuzu

    Clutch issues

    00 Ranger 3.0 4x4 5spd 115K For a while now I've had an intermittent shifting issue. Sometimes it'll shift 'like buttah' and others, like just now actually, I have to double-clutch, and it'll 'sorta' go into gear easily. Doesn't matter engine temp/ ambient temp/ whatever variable is out...
  15. 86isuzu

    Exploder transmission

    Quick question. Were any of the Sport Trac's available with manual transmissions? And what was the last year the Sport's were available with manuals?
  16. 86isuzu

    locker and friction modifier

    Quick question. Long story short, my mechanic refused to fill my differential without friction modifier, even though I have a lock-right, and not a limited slip. Is this in any way detrimental?
  17. 86isuzu

    Roush mirrors

    http://www.hillbankmotorsports.com/1998-2005-ranger/exterior-and-body-kits-1-2-3/signal-mirror-kit-2001-2005-ranger.html Does anyone know any reason why these couldn't be used in a 2000 ranger with manual mirrors? The glass is the same, the only problem I could see is routing the wiring.
  18. 86isuzu

    Rocker Switch

    Does anyone know where I can get switches like these?:icon_confused: http://www.4x4mods.com/ 4x4 mods hasn't returned any of my emails and their paypal doesn't work. Just lookin for perhaps another dealer or the manufacturer itself. Or I suppose just similiar models. Thanks in advance
  19. 86isuzu

    Fuel Composition Error

    Just bought a 2000 ranger last week (3.0 manual 4x4 70k) and the check engine light came on. I took it to the dealer and the tech pulled the code and it was 'fuel composition' (asked the service manager but he wasnt sure what code #). The tech checked out Mitchell-On-Demand and a couple of...
  20. 86isuzu

    28 to 31 swap

    would it be possible to convert a 28 spline 8.8 to a 31 spline? i know i would need axle shafts, a carrier, and bearings, anything else? i know there was a difference in width in the earlier 4.0 axles, but what about a late model one? or is it a bad idea? thanks in advance :icon_twisted: