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  1. Johnnyboiranger22

    For Sale 91 Ranger parts for sale

    91 ranger parts for sale. All parts came off a 2.3L Lima 4 cylinder. Have numerous parts. Located in St Petersburg Florida. You name your price and come pick up If you have any questions on what parts I have please ask too many to list. 10$ for any part.
  2. Johnnyboiranger22

    2.3L ('83-'97) Code 21 Rough idle

    Hey guys started my ranger after sitting for about 2 weeks. Engine runs rough when cold (like its choking and about to stumble but never does when warm runs okay not terrible by any means. Code 21 Coolant temp ECT out of range. If my mind serves me correctly that the sensor under intake manifold...
  3. Johnnyboiranger22

    A4ld rough shift and stumbling when hitting pedal

    1991 Ranger 2.3 with A4LD first shift is very rough jerks whole truck second is same. Also when hitting the gas after going over speed jump and hitting gas truck stumbles but it successfully drops a gear. I did perform a fluid and filter change. Could this be a governor, Modulator valve and/or...
  4. Johnnyboiranger22

    Radio Type

    Hey guys! Whats the best aftermarket radio for a 91 ranger 2.3? I put in PYLE speaker in the rear boxes and in front doors. Looking for something i can also add an under seat sub to. Thanks in advance!
  5. Johnnyboiranger22

    Cooling questions

    Hey Guys Im finally getting ready to put my 91 Ranger on the road but I want to make sure cooling system is a okay. My first question is what the average coolant temperature? 200? 190? The lower hose should always be cooler than upper hose right? Further more how to tell is fan clutch is...
  6. Johnnyboiranger22

    Need help with some problems

    Hey guys. Have finally been running my 91 Ranger and taking it on little test drives (finally finished repairs and engine swap). Now having time to focus on the little thing i noticed my fuel gauge is not working, I dont believe it the fuel pump with sending unit because i went through 3 of...
  7. Johnnyboiranger22

    Anyway to check coolant temp manually with gauge

    Is there a way I can check coolant temp manually with gauge? 91 ranger 2.3. The reason being needle takes forever to get to halfway mark even when running for quite awhile i just want to make sure no overheat, water pump is newer, thermostat is new. Also whats the routing for heater houses?
  8. Johnnyboiranger22

    90 Ranger 2.3 Stalls when in drive after hitting gas then brake as low speeds

    So I have a 90 Ranger 2.3 A4LD i noticed when I have truck in gear or reverse lightly tapping gas and then brake the struck "chokes like it want to stall till the point it actually stalls(no codes stored code 11 system ok). RPM drop 500 for a mili second and go back up. This only happens when...
  9. Johnnyboiranger22

    Normal oil pressure for 91 2.3L

    Hey guys before i take my ranger on a nice drive around town after engine swap I want to make sure oil pressure is good. So at cold start I get around 60psi and goes down to 50-55 after around 5-10mins after warmed up Truck sits at around 30PSI. Are these good numbers or to high? Also Another...
  10. Johnnyboiranger22

    Intermittent issue with engine shutting off

    Hey guys after getting my truck running (which runs very good) Sometimes I crank it and just let it run for 20-30 mins sometime sit just shuts off I can crank and it fires right up like no problem. No cel codes or anything. Do 90 2.3 Lima engine have a overheat cutoff switch? I don't believe its...
  11. Johnnyboiranger22

    A4LD not shifting out of first

    Hey guys after stuffing in engine and all running good I took it for a drive and trans will not shift out of first. Theres no whining coming from trans reverse works great revs fine just not shifting out of first. Bad torque converter? Modulator valve?
  12. Johnnyboiranger22

    Got her running!

    Got my 90 ranger 2.3 running after all this time and she runs great! Here some pictures! I know the yellow color is crazy I'm experimenting lmao
  13. Johnnyboiranger22

    Crank no start fuel pump?

    Hey guys. Got my engine and trans all bolted together and all parts put together. But I'm experiencing issue with crank truck will crank but does not start. I thought timing may be off but i never messed with the timing. Checked to mack sure everything was plugged and i have spark which it seems...
  14. Johnnyboiranger22

    Scratched crank where rear main seal sits

    Hey guys so during my rear main seal replacement for preventive maint before swapping engine in my truck one of my screw did a scratch of the crank. Scratch is very very small but deep enough to barely catch my finger nail. I did not see any ridged edges at all or sharp spots. Should i do a...
  15. Johnnyboiranger22

    Engine to trans alignment

    Hey guys finishing up my project here but I ran into a issue. I cant get the engine to align up with the trans for the life of me. I did purchase motor mounts and they seem alittle bigger but I really dont think that's it. I attach pictures and motor mounts I got. the alignment is with the...
  16. Johnnyboiranger22

    Ran into this problem

    So everything is going smoothly swapping over parts from my stick 90 2.3 to my automatic 2.3 and i ran into the crank insert is not wide enough to fit the torque converter. Im assusuymming i going to have to get deeper is thise and machine the crank or i have a crank from my other 2.3 with...
  17. Johnnyboiranger22

    Anyone know what this is?

    Anyone know what this is? It connected to upper intake and exhaust manifold. Its not on my 90 auto 2.3. Do manual versions get this? (engine it came out of). I have a spare intake without this attachment
  18. Johnnyboiranger22

    Transmission front pump seal replacement

    Hey guys, Anyone know how to change the A4LD Transmission front pump seal? When i yanked engine alittle fluid came out so i would hate to pump engine back in to only have the seal leak. I tried prying it out yesterday but it would not bulge. Do i have to remove extension?
  19. Johnnyboiranger22

    Anyone ever did this on a AL4D trans?

    Has anyone ever changed the metal cooler lines to rubber hoses? If you have any issues? I have attached a picture =13&hash=d2c88b2f04f913ccbb147813d457b6db']Attach files
  20. Johnnyboiranger22

    Bought another Ranger may swap in my other ranger

    Bought another ranger 2.3 1990 with 90k miles 5 speed 200bucks stuck on whther i should sway in my other ranger automatic my body and interior is way better and the one i just bought needs a clutch and drivable engine runs like a champ. What you guys think? white is mine