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  1. Gauge cluster swap

    I'm looking to replace the white-faced cluster in a 2001 Explorer Sport with a black-faced one. Which years are compatible and is it possible to make the donor odometer match the one removed?
  2. Steering wheel swap

    Will the steering wheel, air bag and cruise control paddles from a 2002 Explorer install and work in a 2001 Explorer Sport?
  3. 1998 2.5l dies and won't restart

    Tried it. No joy.
  4. 1998 2.5l dies and won't restart

    Here's where I am. The truck won't start. I get no check engine light with the key in the on position. I changed the pcm. The truck ran for about 3 days and died again. Been dead ever since. I found a pin-out on the pcm connector for a '98 Ranger 2.5l manual. The list shows 3 pins with power and...
  5. Snapped parking brake cable

    It's a 98 Ranger and what you described is pretty much what's there. I was just wondering the best way to remove the clips that hold the cable to pedal assembly.
  6. Snapped parking brake cable

    Snapped my parking brake cable right near the pedal assembly. Is it easier to replace the cable of the existing assembly or replace the entire assembly with the cable already installed? Either way, what's the best way to remove the clips holding the old cable housing?
  7. 1998 2.5l dies and won't restart

    The ground a G101 has been serviced. Thanks for the info. I'll keep you updated.
  8. 1998 2.5l dies and won't restart

    Problem not solved. Died on the interstate. Same situation, It did fire and run after a crank or two. Where should I look next if the PCM power relay is not the fix?
  9. 1998 2.5l dies and won't restart

    Still running. No hickups. Problem solved, I believe.
  10. 1998 2.5l dies and won't restart

    Relay installed. Truck running. I will keep you informed.
  11. 1998 2.5l dies and won't restart

    About a month ago my 1998 2.5l Ranger just died on the road. Running fine, it just stopped. Got it parked and it would not restart. Had it towed to the house where it sat most of the next day and then it I tried to start it and it fired and ran fine for about a block and it died again and would...
  12. No A.C. after pressure washing engine

    I took a pressure washer to my engine compartment to knock some of the grime out. Looks like I knocked out my AC in the cabin also. It doesn't appear to be a problem with cooling; the tubes carrying refrigerant are cool and wet with condensation. I think it's a vacuum/door control issue. I have...
  13. Power door installation

    I'm about to jump neck deep into a major project. I have a 98 2.5l Ranger that has no power options whatsoever. I just bought a 98 2.5l Ranger that has power doors, factory tachometer, a step side bed and what looks like the connector for the cruise control module. It does not have cruise...
  14. Interior swap

    I have a '98, very vanilla, no power options Ranger. There is a '99 wrecked Ranger with full power doors and a full black interior available that I want to swap into/onto mine. If it's other than just a straight dismantle/reassamble swap, what issues am I facing?