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  1. 2.5L ('98-'01) '99 2.5 PCM issues?

    My 1999 ranger 2.5 manual 2wd is having some issues. 1. Interment missfires and low power at any point in the power band randomly. 2 Oil pressure gauge bounces. 3 idles poorly and pops randomly while idling. 4 if the AC is running and the power steering is beinf used it causes it to die. As if...
  2. 1999 2.5 -> 4.0 SOHC help

    ok so fun scenario that ive got and i just wanna make sure ive got this worked out. I have a 1999 ford ranger 2.5 manual 2wd thats about at the end of its life for the motor and long story short im not willing to fix it id rather spend more and change it. At the parts yard i can get a 4.0 sohc...