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  1. Dumb question

    ok so i have the idea of bagging the front of my 89 and ive got an idea of how to do it but what the hell do i do about the i beams? any help is greatly appreciated
  2. horsepower and fuel milage boosters?

    what are some bolt ons i can add to my 89 2.3 5sp ranger that will boost hp and mpg??:icon_confused:
  3. What seats will fit in a 89 reg cab

    i know theres a post on the tech library but i didnt know if it went for all year rangers so i was wondering if someone could tell me if it is if not what will fit in a 89 reg cab?:icon_confused:
  4. how to go lower in the back?

    i know you can flip the shackles for 2" what can i do to do for one more inch
  5. HELP i need some diys

    i just got out for summer and i work sometimes and have a little extra money and i really just wanna maybe do somethin to my ranger but dont wanna dump a shit load of money into it cuz i might be gettin rid of it but if u have any diys with directions i would really appreciate it thanks
  6. Crazy Idea For Lowering The Back Need Opinions

    ok so heres the deal i gotta friend who lowered the back of his ranger by flippin the leaf springs and it gave him a 7" drop not a flip kit just flippin the entire things upside down i he got hellacious camber and i dont want that so i thought wat if i flip them and then put 3 inch blocks to...