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  1. TimberWolf2018

    Uh Oh.....MPG controversy....

    this is hilarious that this conversation still exists.... the lawsuit is only people hoping to get free shit or a MINI PAYDAY. it aint gonna happen.... Last I looked Ranger was and is Top of class if you compare apples to apples
  2. TimberWolf2018

    Mirror mirror on my truck

    Has anyone found any Mirror extensions that you like for the 2019 Ranger yet? I have a wideassed trailer.... With stock mirrors, I can see clearly on either side for lane changes, but I cant see anything behind me. Looking for suggestions....
  3. TimberWolf2018

    Anyone recognize this mirror?

    they dont look like my, 1988, 2012, or 2019 Ranger mirrors.
  4. TimberWolf2018

    Hearing some interesting rumors around the dealerships about the new Bronco

    Ever wonder why Bronco's seem to be getting all the options and engines etc?? What if Bronco isn't just a new truck model.... What if Bronco came out as...A Brand. Specifically, strategically, to compete model for model with Jeep. Thoughts?
  5. TimberWolf2018

    Trailer brakes?

    I ended up going with the CURT plug and play model. Worked well once I disabled adaptive cruise and Automatic emergency braking. Still want an official one from FORD if they ever bring it out. But I didnt want to mess up my interior until we know where the Ford one gets installed. So this gets...
  6. TimberWolf2018

    Trailer brakes?

    Just bought a 23 ft trailer to tow behind this 2019 Ranger. What are you folks using for ELECTRIC TRAILER BRAKES?
  7. TimberWolf2018

    Largest tire you can put on a 2019 Ford Ranger without a lift

    Any Regrets Jim??? I might do something like this
  8. TimberWolf2018

    Uh Oh.....MPG controversy....

    Electric fan if you dont have one Premium fuel when under heavy towing. It also depends on the model and trim. My Lariat sport fx4 with a tow package and cap just won't get the same mileage as an entry lvl Ranger. I have driven mine both like a grandpa and like I stole it. Huge difference in...
  9. TimberWolf2018

    19 Rangers with Cap= Bronco?

    That is just how a Bronco looks. I think it is safe to say different Broncos might look significantly different. appearances
  10. TimberWolf2018

    Battery charger hooked to the cigarette lighter?

    does the bank have more??? They told me they gave me all they had already......
  11. TimberWolf2018

    Show us your 2019+ Ford Ranger

    Concrete work going on around the house this month.... cant seem to keep this thing clean for the life of me!
  12. TimberWolf2018

    19 Rangers with Cap= Bronco?

    Since full topper caps are just now rolling out for the 2019s I am just starting to notice that pictures of super crew rangers with cap look a lot like marketing shots of Proposed Broncos. Anyone else notice this??
  13. TimberWolf2018

    Uh Oh.....MPG controversy....

    All of my Rangers have always gotten the best mileage at right in around 90 Kph which is 55.9 mph. I dont think it is a mystery as to why....
  14. TimberWolf2018

    warranty on 2019

    Warranty, claims are virtually 100% at the dealer's discretion. If they think they can put it through they do. It is just good business. FORD pays, the customer is thrilled and the service advisor is the hero.
  15. TimberWolf2018

    Warn Ascent Bumper

    Woody is just Jim's stage name...... but dont tell anyone Any price on the bumper and how big of a winch will it fit!
  16. TimberWolf2018

    Camper Shell / Cap availability?

    love to see more pictures of those...especially back window. Oh and I talked to my Local Jason/Range dealer they are 2-3 months from production. For some reason they werent anticipating the high demand
  17. TimberWolf2018

    Drove one last week

    I have owned an 88, and a 2011. But yes, my new 19 is significantly larger, but not in a bad way. I have had a standard cab, an extended cab, and a full crewcab on this new Ranger. Much prefer the full crew. But you would have never convinced me of that until I got in one... Now I will never...
  18. TimberWolf2018

    Camper Shell / Cap availability?

    ARE is taking preorders and so is Leer. I have emails from both companies instructing me to contact my local dealers.