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  1. bbbc3

    Where to find engine fan replacement?

    I’m trying to replace my engine fan because it has cracks and I feel like it could be part of my overheating issues. I can’t seem to find a direct replacement for the 2.8 engine. Anyone know where to find one or know if they are interchangeable with later model rangers?
  2. bbbc3

    Speedo gear. Where to buy?

    I am looking for the red 21 tooth gear for my ‘85 4x4 ranger speedometer. Is there a part number for this gear? Are they compatible with other fords, i.e. mustangs, older fords?
  3. bbbc3

    Dodge 2500 Brake MC doesn’t fit 1st gen?

    So I came across a couple of post/videos of early rangers swapping to a 99 dodge 2500 gasser brake master cylinder as an upgrade. It was described as a direct bolt in. These were 90-91 rangers. I bought the Dodge MC and bolted it in but my brake lines are different thread sizes. Are 1st gen...
  4. bbbc3

    Dana SVL sent the wrong gear?!

    I’m in the middle of installing 4.56 gears in my ranger. I have a Dana 35 from an explorer. I went to rockauto and ordered a ring and pinion for a 94 explorer from Dana SVL. The gear cut is backwards!! How can this be? In the pictures I have the new ring and pinion installed and I’m holding...
  5. bbbc3

    Gear Pattern - Would you run this?

    I have spent hours trying to get the backlash in range. I am finally there. But the gear pattern seems slightly off. I'm not sure if I should try for slightly better pattern or run this? See photos. The reason I'm asking is because the slightest amount of change makes huge differences. At least...
  6. bbbc3

    4.0 clutch and flywheel upgrade for 2.8 Rangers discussion.

    Here is my experience with the 4.0 clutch and flywheel upgrade… I recently swapped my 4spd manual for an M5OD on my 2.8l engine. I considered this to be a good time to also upgrade the clutch and flywheel with the popular 4.0 clutch upgrade. Results: Now that I have the new flywheel and clutch...
  7. bbbc3

    Transmission mount -M5OD swap

    So I just mounted an M5OD to my ‘85 ranger 4x4. I bought a news transmission mount and I can not get it to fit. I have jack up the transmission as far as I can, it pushing into the floor board. There isn’t enough room to get the new mount to fit. Anyone know of a solution?
  8. bbbc3

    Flywheel bolts too short?! 4.0 clutch upgrade

    I’m starting the 4.0 clutch upgrade on my ‘85 2.8l. While trying to install the new 4.0l flywheel I realize the original flywheel bolts are too short. Only two threads are visible on the mounting side of the flywheel. I can’t seem to find longer flywheel bolts. Has anyone run into this problem?
  9. bbbc3

    Crankshaft repair sleeve. Tips/Suggestions?

    While removing my rear main seal using the drill hole, insert sheet metal screw method, I gouged my crankshaft where the seal sits. :fie: So it seems my only hope now is a speedi-sleeve. Does anyone have experience with these on the rear crankshaft? Any tips or tricks that I need to know of?
  10. bbbc3

    Which M5OD? Please Confirm

    I'm currently searching for an M5OD 4x4 for my single cab 85 2.8 Ranger. As I have been researching I see that the best option is the M5OD that was behind any 2.9 ranger. This is a stronger transmission with lower gears 1st-3rd than a 4.0l M5OD. Also it looks like the 2.9 M5OD paired with a 4.0...
  11. bbbc3

    Single Cab Ranger Gas Tanks with Doubler

    I'm considering the diy BW 1350/1354 since there doesn't seem to be other reliable options from manufactures. It looks like any doubler setup will interfere with the single cab ranger gas tank. Has anyone found a solution around this?
  12. bbbc3

    -SOLD- M5OD 4x4

    I have a 4x4 M5OD from a ‘89 ranger. It was mounted to a 2.3l. I will sell the transmission alone for $300 or transmission and transfer case for $375. Local pick up only. I live in Tulsa, OK. I’m willing to drive up to an hour to meet. BW 1350 transfer case.
  13. bbbc3

    DIY 1350/1354 doubler reviews, results, known issues?

    I’ve been seriously considering the 1350/54 doubler build. I have found a thread where a few folks say that the machined shaft between the 1350 and 1354 breaks. Has anyone else had the same experience? Is there any way to insure that this doesn’t happen? I’m sure building a chromoly shaft from...
  14. bbbc3

    Rear main seal or transmission leak?

    I have a bad oil leak under my truck between the block and bellhousing. My assumption was the rear main seal but when I removed my transmission the seal looks like it is in good shape (engine rebuilt 5 yrs ago). It could possibly be oil pan gasket that curves around my rear seal. So I went...
  15. bbbc3

    New PS pump whines

    I just installed a new power steering pump on my truck 5 days ago. It whines every time the wheel is turned. When the truck is cold it is fine, no whine. I turned the wheel lock to lock several times to burp any air out but it hasn’t gotten any better. Do you think it’s a bad pump?
  16. bbbc3

    Oil Light Meaning?

    I know this is a silly question but what is the meaning of the oil light on the dash? Is it for low oil level or low oil pressure?
  17. bbbc3

    94 Explorer Axle

    Hey guys I have scored a free 8.8 axle from a 94 Explorer. I know this axle isn't highly desirable due to it being the drum set up but hey it was free and I think it will work for me. As I search for aftermarket parts there doesn't seem to be a lot of focus on the 94 and earlier axle. I can't...
  18. bbbc3

    Pulling to the right after Dana 35/44 install

    Guys after I installed an explorer Dana 35 with 44 outters and new wheels and tires my truck is pulling hard to the right while driving. I checked the spindle nuts to make sure they weren’t too tight. I jerked on the wheels with my hands while the truck was off the ground and there is no play in...
  19. bbbc3

    Wandering but steering wheel is straight?

    First off.. I just completed my dana 35/44 swap on my 85 Ranger. New lift springs, drop bracket and larger tires at the same time. Now when I'm driving, I can hold the steering wheel straight and it will drive straight and then suddenly it will start tracking to the right and then to the left...
  20. bbbc3

    1st Gen 265/70/17

    I recently finished my Dana 35/44 swap and installed a 4" lift up front with new wheels and tires. The rear has a 2" block that I already had in place. I plan to go another inch up front and back but i'm happy with the results so far! Wheels: 17x8 Method Mesh Tires: 265/70/17 Firestone...