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  1. Danno1985


    I think Ford's proprietary name is "Advancetrac", actually. I read a few threads from people who said it freaked out when they tried to lift their trucks, but I was able to put 31s and at 2" lift on my 2010 without causing issues. 🤷🏻‍♂️ YMMV.
  2. Danno1985

    Older style front mudflaps on 2010

    Extreme long shot here since this thread is a year and a half old, but any chance you still have those brackets/flaps and would be willing to sell them? Drop me a PM! 🤙🏼
  3. Danno1985

    Lifting my 01 4x2

    I also have coils. Mine has the advance trac, so rather than risk pissing the computer off and having issues, I just went with a body lift. Honestly, I'm pretty happy with it. My truck has 235/75r15s on it (29s), and could easily fit 32s or 33s, but I don't think it looks terrible - basically...
  4. Danno1985

    Junk Yard Hunt For 16's or 15's

    Same bolt pattern, same backspacing until 2002. In 2003 Ford redesigned the frame and switched to a more modern front wheel drive backspacing, so any '03+ rims are going to look excessively "tucked" and you might run into clearance issues. Anything pre-02 should be fine.
  5. Danno1985

    Fabtech 2.5” lift coils

    When I first switched from a Yota to a Ranger, I was also curious about these, but the reviews online seem to be pretty spotty. The old Toyotas have more room for adjustment in the front end geometry, but it seems a lot of people run into problems with spacer and coil lifts on our trucks...
  6. Danno1985

    Is this the way all Rangers were equipped? Spare tire

    Mine came with a normal 15X7 steelie with a 225/70r15. 235/75r15 would definitely fit in the spare carrier; you should be able to fit at least up to a 31 down there, I would think.
  7. Danno1985

    Going back to 235s

    If you're planning on hauling/towing with the truck, bear in mind that LT-rated tires are going to require more PSI to maintain the same load capacity as an equivalent P-rated tire. So, the number listed on the door placard for the OEM P-rated tires might be ok for an empty truck to maintain a...
  8. Danno1985

    Photos of Lifted RBV's With Different Lift & Tire Sizes

    235/75r15s with a 3" body lift on a 2010 2wd XLT. Hoping to add a limited slip and 4.10s and upgrade to 31s next time.
  9. Danno1985

    04-05 Grill for my 2007 Ranger?

    That's what I have on mine. It's a direct 2-minute swap. IMO the best-looking front clip was the 01-3, but I didn't want to replace the header panel and hood, so the '04 honeycomb will have to do. I may pick up another one and black out the surround, but I'm not sure. The '06+ grille isn't...
  10. Danno1985

    Opinions on which leaf springs to purchase.

    Check out General Springs. The leafs on my Ranger are still good, and i have air bags to help them out, so I haven't gotten around to trying the Generals on my Ranger, but I used them to replace the back-bowed worn-out springs on my old Tacoma and the Generals were great. Made in USA...
  11. Danno1985

    Will This Honda Passport Grille Guard Fit a 1996 Ranger?

    Eh, body shops and insurance adjusters don't call these "damage multipliers" for nothing. People think these will offer protection in minor parking lot speed accidents but they do the opposite. Skip it.
  12. Danno1985

    Camper shell, toppers or whatever you like to call them

    Facebook marketplace. Tacoma/Toyota pickup shells will probably fit too if you're not super picky about the body contours matching perfectly.
  13. Danno1985

    Center Caps?

    I love those classic Ford caps with the split red centers. I picked up a set and plan on drilling my steel 15x7s to make them work, but in the meantime I actually found a set of the appliqués on ebay and put those in the centers of my stock caps. I like the look. Note - you'll need special...
  14. Danno1985

    What is the shortest tire that can be mounted on a 15x7 rim?

    Unless you really have your heart set on a "retro" tread pattern that's going to suck in the rain (ie pretty much anything available in 235/60r15, you'll have a much wider selection if you stick with 225/70r15. If you want a Michelin brand, check out the Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country Tour...
  15. Danno1985

    New shoes! BF Goodrich KO2 235/75r15 on 2010 XLT

    I had good luck with Cooper Discovery AT3s and it was between those and the BFGs, but I'm a sucker for the classic BFG raised whites, especially on a black truck, so that was a factor. Set of the old Cooper AT3s lasted 60k on my 4runner but started to get a little sketchy in the rain towards the...
  16. Danno1985

    New shoes! BF Goodrich KO2 235/75r15 on 2010 XLT

    Yup, had KO2s on my last truck, an '03 Tacoma, and the old KOs on a '97 F-150 before that. Never had any issues with them. They're tough as shit. Thought about going with the Michelin LTXs which I've also had great luck with, but seeing as how this truck is going to see some off-pavement use I...
  17. Danno1985

    New shoes! BF Goodrich KO2 235/75r15 on 2010 XLT

    Yeah. All the bros on the facebook Ranger page were giving me shit about not going with 33s, but having been there/done that, at this point keeping the unsprung weight reasonable and not accepting a new clutch every 40k as a fact of life are bigger considerations than they would have been a...
  18. Danno1985

    Poll: Adding OEM-style flares to my 2010 XLT

    Truck is a 2010 2wd XLT with a 3" lift and 235/75r15s. I've been eyeing the Bushwacker oem-style flares, but am on the fence. I like the way the flares make the truck look beefier, but from some angles they look weird on the regular cab. I'm also not super crazy about drilling holes, but my bed...
  19. Danno1985

    M5OD - Milky transmission fluid

    So is the 2.3, though. They're basically redundant from a hp/torque standpoint, but one is much more efficient.
  20. Danno1985

    M5OD - Milky transmission fluid

    It's the 2.3L duratec, actually, but you're not wrong. The 3.8 in my Yota had much more grunt down low and I'm still getting used to the fact that this engine likes to rev and is pretty noisy when you get it into that peak torque range. Kinda cool sounding, but definitely not a classic torquey...