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  1. 2000 3.0 flex wiring diagram

    Been looking all over can't find the wiring diagram for a 2000 ford ranger 3.0 flex fuel
  2. Wheel bearing upgrade

    Looking to go from the tapered bearing style to a bolt in hub style. I know that the spindles brakes rotors calipers will also need to change. But what vehicle has spindles that share the same geometry? I just want to simply bolt it in have an alignment and be done with it. Any help will be...
  3. coil on plug and other conversions

    I believe that there is so much more potential in the 4 cylinders that come in these trucks....... i have a rough draft of a coil on plug kit that will be plug and play. i have tested it on my personal b2500/rangerand it has great promise. It'll clean up the engine bay and make for an easier...