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  1. Official A4LD Problem Thread!

    '90 Ranger XLT, 2.9 A4LD: Around 2 yrs ago she quit shifting into OD. Found that the Engine Temp Sensor connector had worked its way loose from the unit due to a broken clip on the connector that holds it in place on the ETS. (The connector had worked its way upward from the ETS terminating the...
  2. Power Steering

    Thought I'd throw this in:
  3. Tire size and speedometer question

    Hello out there, I have a '90 Ranger XLT with 14" stock aluminum wheels. If I upgrade to 15" wheels, will it affect the accuracy of the speedometer ? If so, by how many MPH, & would it read faster or slower ? (I'm thinking slower) Someone please respond. Thanks !!