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  1. Cees Klumper

    2.9 no start. Spark, fuel, air and timing good.

    Or borrow a timing light, that's probably best. Good you got it going.
  2. Cees Klumper

    2.9 losing power after 15 mins

    As I wrote above, I got a rebuilt set of Bosch original injectors for $58 delivered .... through CS Performance Fuel Injectors ( Can't recommend them enough, they clean and rebuild them, new seals etc and flow-match. For less than the cost of one new one. It stands...
  3. Cees Klumper

    Would like to go 65 on the highway

    Check for vacuum leaks also. Could even be a missing vacuum plug somewhere, there's many vacuum line connections on the intake manifold. I'd swap in fresh rebuilt injectors (I always say that, but it's because it's cheap at $60 for 6 and it can make a huge difference, it did in my case).
  4. Cees Klumper

    Project let's get my engine running as good as it can!

    Timing, plus I can recommend putting in a set of rebuilt injectors. Biggest improvement on mine, especially in smooth and strong accelleration, where that was hesitating and uneven/weak before. $60 delivered for 6, from CS Performance. Can't beat that, likely will improve fuel economy to boot...
  5. Cees Klumper

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Took off the driver's side door and (rattle can) spray painted it. Filled in two small dings and now also the damage from where a rubber strip used to be is gone. Color is an almost perfect match with the original paint on the rest of the body - Colonial white. Need to wet sand and polish the...
  6. Cees Klumper

    2.9L V6 Engine enhancements

    Would like to echo franklin2's comments - my '90 2.9 is definitely stock, and has an automatic, but pulls like a train and I've had no issues whatsoever maintaining speeds of say 75-80 MPH on hills. Key improvement I made was to replace the injectors with rebuilts, for $60, which has made a big...
  7. Cees Klumper


    One heartbeat away he is ...
  8. Cees Klumper

    Low oil pressure @ idle

    Try a set of new or rebuilt injectors. I did last Sunday and boy what a difference that made. Best $58 for the set of 6 rebuilt Bosch's delivered I spent on the truck so far. It was running ok before, but now it actually hauls!
  9. Cees Klumper

    2.9 losing power after 15 mins

    My '90 also suffered from poor accelleration once warmed up. I had replaced the O2 sensor as it had given me that code, but what ended up clearing it all up (last Sunday!), was putting in rebuilt injectors. I got mine just two weeks ago, from CS Performance Fuel Injectors...
  10. Cees Klumper

    TRS Word Association Game

  11. Cees Klumper

    TRS Word Association Game

  12. Cees Klumper

    1990 2.9 map sensor?

    Sure thing. Actually, after posting the pic, I decided to get a used ECU with the same part no. off Ebay, something I had been meaning to do for a while. It was only $65 and has a 60 day return guarantee so, as soon as it arrives, I can make sure it works and have it on hand as a spare.
  13. Cees Klumper

    1990 2.9 map sensor?

  14. Cees Klumper

    1990 2.9 map sensor?

    Sure, here goes, the MAF sensor (I previously replaced it), the location where normally speaking the MAP sensor would be on the firewall, and a pic of the other side of the engine for good measure:
  15. Cees Klumper

    1990 2.9 map sensor?

    Thanks, I just triple checked and there's no MAP on the firewall or on the fender. I do have a MAF right after the airbox so, mystery solved.
  16. Cees Klumper

    1990 2.9 map sensor?

    Reviving an older thread to confirm the answer to the original question, that it is likely some/many '90 2.9 V6 engines did not come with a MAP sensor, if they have a MAF sensor. Mine has a MAF and I can't find a MAP anywhere (although all the parts stores do carry one for my year and model).
  17. Cees Klumper

    What was your 1st car?

    '69 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV for $300
  18. Cees Klumper

    Here I am, from France

    Bienvenue Enzo! I own a '90 Bronco which I think I will take with me to France some day, to our place in Guyonvelle near Langres in Haut-Marne. You are in Artois?
  19. Cees Klumper

    Bullitt Mustang

    I bought and owned for five years the original '73 El Camino 454 from the tv-series My Name is Earl. It was auctioned after the show ended by Mecum for ... $9,000. I bought it from the winning bidder in 2010 for a sum he couldn't refuse, and sold it 5 years later to a collector for that same...
  20. Cees Klumper

    SOLVED - Strange major problem - suddenly car won´t run right, lots of blue smoke, after just sitting for a few hours

    Thanks all of you for the many great tips. I feel like I got to know this truck a WHOLE lot better in the past few hours. So ... the issue was the fuel pressure regulator (prize goes to Rusty). The diaphragm or whatever is inside had clearly broken because it was dumping lots of gas straight...