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  1. TimberWolf2018

    Mirror mirror on my truck

    Has anyone found any Mirror extensions that you like for the 2019 Ranger yet? I have a wideassed trailer.... With stock mirrors, I can see clearly on either side for lane changes, but I cant see anything behind me. Looking for suggestions....
  2. TimberWolf2018

    Hearing some interesting rumors around the dealerships about the new Bronco

    Ever wonder why Bronco's seem to be getting all the options and engines etc?? What if Bronco isn't just a new truck model.... What if Bronco came out as...A Brand. Specifically, strategically, to compete model for model with Jeep. Thoughts?
  3. TimberWolf2018

    Trailer brakes?

    Just bought a 23 ft trailer to tow behind this 2019 Ranger. What are you folks using for ELECTRIC TRAILER BRAKES?
  4. TimberWolf2018

    19 Rangers with Cap= Bronco?

    Since full topper caps are just now rolling out for the 2019s I am just starting to notice that pictures of super crew rangers with cap look a lot like marketing shots of Proposed Broncos. Anyone else notice this??
  5. TimberWolf2018

    2019 Cap or Tonneau cover to fit that 61 inch box

    This is for the Super Crew... ARE says they have a V model Truck Cap in production, but I would really more options.... Leer is taking preorders with no idea of a ship date. Even an option for a nice fiberglass one piece tonneau would be nice... What have you all used.... anyone find a better...
  6. TimberWolf2018

    My friends call me TW.... or T-dub for short

    Mid fifties... retired, From SW Ont Canada. I owned an 88, and a 2011. Trading in my 2016 f 150 on a 2019 ranger this week. I am so excited....when I first heard about the powertrain options I had originally tapped out and decided to wait for 2020 bronco. But I sat in one on Saturday.... the...