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  1. Seat swap 89 Bronco II to 88 Ranger

    Does anyone know if 89 Bronco buckets will fit a 88 Ranger reg cab? Thanks
  2. Cold idle RPM question

    88 2.9 FI auto. What should the cold start rpm be and for how long. When I start it. The RPM is 1800 for about 5sec. Then drops to 1600 and maybe starts creeping lower a bit. Doesn't get to 8-900 untill it's at normal temp. Just seems like a long time to me. The only sensor I changed is the...
  3. Bed and tailgate parts for my 88 Ranger

    Putting my 88 back together. Need a couple of small parts that I can't seem to find. Looking for the support arm that goes from the bottom or the bed to the bed side panel. Also the bolts for the tailgate latch. I have a couple that are stripped. Thank You
  4. Replace Auto floor shift to column shift?

    Just picked up a 88 Ranger LB 2.9 4wd auto. I would like to ditch the annoying floor shifter. Change to column shifter found on early 90's Rangers. Can it be done with steering column swap and linkage? Thank You