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  1. Lucky guy

    He was put in ICU. That's the last report.
  2. Ford Ranger Slated for Return to US in 2018
  3. Check our "Back to the fifties" cruise. Today only.
  4. Test drive: Ford Ranger XLT 2.2 TDCi 150 HP Too bad they don't sell them here.
  5. Top 4x4 sites - Let's get back to the top!!

    I still go to after visiting here. TRS is in 21st place lately. We used to be in 3rd or 4th place.
  6. HFO-1234yf Refrigerants safety
  7. Outside my window

    Just had new windows put in and didn't want to break it.
  8. Interesting read

    Why didn't I buy $100,00 in stock a couple of years ago?
  9. From me to all of you

    Isn't technology wonderful? Merry Christmas to all.
  10. Cool boat

    I want one!!
  11. Party in the Stomach]YouTube
  12. Thanks to all of you that are Sheepdogs
  13. Your first car or truck?

    Not all there but most are.
  14. Joe at the bar

    Joe was at the bar and decided to go home. He tried to stand up but he fell down. He tried a couple more times but he kept on falling. He decided to just crawl out the door and try to stand up out there. He held himself up on a parking meter and let go and fell again. He tried that a couple more...
  15. At the Department store.

    The handsome American strode into a department store in Paris, France, and headed straight for the lingerie counter. He intently studied the array of lacy underthings and the sales lady bustled over to him. "Do you have something in mind?" she asked. "I certainly do, ma'am," the American...
  16. Ranger being discontinued in the US
  17. Tech Library

    I like the new tech library setup. It's much cleaner and better organized. Good job guys.
  18. Rruuuunnnn

  19. Crash Test 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air VS. 2009 Chevrolet Malibu]YouTube
  20. New here

    I've used the tech section several times and am impressed with all you have here. I'm a retired mechanic and would be glad to help here in any way I can.