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  1. Removing ac - Serpentine Belt Help!!

    Edit Please delete thread thanks!
  2. Ford Ranger 2.3 help!

    Hey guys, I own a 2004 Ford ranger 2wd with the 2.3l engine. To say that its slow is an understatement so I was thinking of swaping in a 4.0 Sohc. Has anyone done this before? It would be my first engine swap and I would get a full donor vehicle to make sure I have all parts. Just want to...
  3. A Newbs Interior Overhaul!

    Decided I was tired of looking at how mistreated the previous owner left the interior in my 04 Xlt truck so I wanted to start from the ground up and do a sort of overhaul. Was my first time doing anything interior related but I took a bunch of pics along the way and ended up making a cheesy...