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  1. Lowered tire size/clearance issues

    So I’m looking into a used djm 3/4 drop kit for my 87. I also just bought brand new tires but I’m afraid they’ll rub, especially the inner fenders. Does someone here have a 1st gen with the same kit that could give me some insight on tire sizes? Thanks in advance
  2. Factory radio help please

    So I've never really cared for the way aftermarket head units look. In a more modern vehicle or something forigen is one thing. I don't mind. But in my 1st Gen it would bother the absolute crap out of me. Call me weird but that's just how I see it. I've had this old Ford radio on the shelf for...
  3. Glad to be here

    I've been searching on this site for the past month as I've been trying to resurrect my 87 that's been sitting for about 5 years, so finally I decided to just make an account. There's alot of good knowledge on here and I appreciate everyone who contributes. Hopefully I'll be back on the road...