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  1. fastpakr

    TRS Word Association Game

    Things seem a little intense around here lately (understandably). Let's lighten the mood a bit. Read the word from the most recent post and give a one or two word response that comes to mind. Keep it PG, and keep politics to a minimum (that's for the tailgate). Starting off: Ranger
  2. fastpakr

    347 rods and matching .030 pistons, anybody?

    A local contact offered me a good deal on a 347 crank and a clean block that's bored to .030 over, but he doesn't have pistons and rods to go with it. Anybody sitting on a set of rods (preferably 5.4" but 5.315 would be okay too) and matching pistons they're interested in parting with?
  3. fastpakr

    Evaporator housing insulation

    I'm looking for the insulation that goes on the cover for the evaporator housing on my '99 Ranger. The cover with insulation wasn't that expensive originally (p/n XL5Z19B666AA), but it's been discontinued. Apologies for not posting a picture, but the insulation is gone on mine so there's not...
  4. fastpakr

    Flexible boot below transfer case boot?

    My BW4406 from a late 90's F150 came with the remains of a white soft/flexible insulator underneath the shift boot. I'll attach a picture of what I've got below... Anybody know what that piece is called?
  5. fastpakr

    Chasing an amplifier whine

    I installed a 5 channel amp a couple of weeks ago in the Ranger and have had a background whine since then. My intent was to leave troubleshooting it for later because there are other things higher on the list to deal with. However, I ran into a curious symptom yesterday: at KOEO (engine off...
  6. fastpakr

    Cruise control button illumination?

    Question - can anyone confirm that their cruise buttons are backlit? The switches I bought to replace the trashed ones on my '99 are definitely set up to be lit, and some of the comments in the reviews indicate that they work. I'm just not clear on what year Rangers are actually set up this...
  7. fastpakr

    6x9's in a 4 door extended cab

    I came across a great deal on a set of Infinity primus 6x9's and went for it, hoping I could make them fit. Turns out they fit easily. A couple of minutes with a permanent marker to trace the outline and about ten minutes with a jigsaw was all it took.
  8. fastpakr

    Wanted - center dash vent

    I'm looking for a center dash vent for a '95+ Ranger interior. There are two styles - one design has a shutoff control on the outside edge of the vents. That one will not work for me. I need the narrower version without the controls. See attached pictures for clarification. The two styles...
  9. fastpakr

    Low power/low vacuum

    I'm 99% done with the 5.0 conversion on my '99, up to the point of driving it around the neighborhood for a few short test trips. That's created some questions that I've failed to find the answers for, so I'm reaching out for ideas... Quick info: Full rebuild with a mild cam and an intake...
  10. fastpakr

    Illumination wire problem

    In running some wiring for my V8 swap, I discovered that the Light blue/Red wire going to the 4wd mode control switch is shorted to ground. This is supposed to be +12v any time the lights are on, correct? I know that the cruise control switch backlighting is also not functioning, but the...
  11. fastpakr

    Spring eye bushing replacement

    I'm sprinting to get the swap complete on the Ranger this week and trying to offload a couple of smaller tasks. Have any of you guys paid a shop to replace spring eye bushings? I've got a set of sport trac leaves I'd like to throw in while the bed is off but would love to skip the labor time of...
  12. fastpakr

    Adding PAG oil after A/C repair

    Hoping somebody can clarify a few points now that I'm done reassembling the A/C system in my Ranger with the engine swap... The old 5.0 compressor was locked up tight (looked like the pulley bearing died). I purchased a new compressor, orifice tube, accumulator, and condenser. Both hoses have...
  13. fastpakr

    4R70W shift cable bracket

    Edit - found one, so I'm good! I'm looking for the shift cable bracket for a 4R70W. Any 5.0 Explorer should have it.
  14. fastpakr

    Milemarker vs Rugged Ridge for PVH hub replacement?

    I was planning to swap in a set of Rugged Ridge manual hubs on my '99 in the next month or so after completing the V8 swap. However, I noticed yesterday that Mile Marker also makes a set (MMK426). Has anybody here had experience with both, or looked at both designs up close to compare them?
  15. fastpakr

    Bolt source

    I'm assembling the 5.0 for my '99 and ran into a snag. A couple of the lower intake bolts broke, and it's proven hard to locate replacements. One is easy, it's a pretty standard bolt. The other is in this picture: It's the one with a nut in the middle. Any idea where I can get this without...
  16. fastpakr

    Need a dash radio bezel

    I need a 2wd dash bezel that includes the cutout for the fog light switch. The attached photo should show the correct part clearly. Most of the 2wd bezels don't have a fog light switch, so it's been a pain to find one. My V8 conversion involves a manual transfer case, so the 4wd switch is...
  17. fastpakr

    '99 Explorer 5.0 - '99 Ranger

    I'm starting a swap this weekend, following the great writeups put together by Bob Wenzing: Mudslanger: and a similar one over at Explorer Forum...
  18. fastpakr

    Fx4 Level 2 parts donor I don't have the cash on hand to take advantage, but this should have a lot of good donor parts including the 8.8/31 Torsen axle.
  19. fastpakr

    Lockright rebate and source

    For anybody looking for a lockright, there are a couple of ways to save right now. 1) There's a $35 rebate through any authorized retailer: 2) For once, Advance Auto's prices actually match everybody...
  20. fastpakr

    Sport trac 8.8

    I have a line on an 8.8/4.10 limited slip out of a 2002 Sport Trac. I know it's got drum brakes. Is it the same as the 91-94 Explorer axles? Trying to make sure what I'm getting into if swapping it into my 99. Thanks!