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  1. 2000 3.0 flex wiring diagram

    Thanks for the info 👍
  2. Has this happened to you

    Did you check your oil is it milky? Also a compression check is a good idea. Not always will a blown head gasket introduce water in the oil. Sometimes it'll just swap air between cylinders which will mean little to no compression.
  3. 2000 3.0 flex wiring diagram

    Been looking all over can't find the wiring diagram for a 2000 ford ranger 3.0 flex fuel
  4. Wheel bearing upgrade

    I do hate packing bearings^ use to do my 84 Caprice 1 a year then I got a Thunderbird and never had a wheel bearing issue. And I beat the crap out of the Thunderbird. This ranger however needs to be repacked twice a year or more. A friend of mine suggested using the 4x4 spindle says it has the...
  5. Wheel bearing upgrade

    I don't mind the cost they last longer as well as being simpler. It doesn't have to be be a ranger or even a Ford part for that matter. Just as long as it will work. Has anyone tried this at all? If not I guess I'll have one made. Billet aluminum would be cool.
  6. Wheel bearing upgrade

    By the way it is a 1999 Mazda b2500/ranger
  7. Wheel bearing upgrade

    Looking to go from the tapered bearing style to a bolt in hub style. I know that the spindles brakes rotors calipers will also need to change. But what vehicle has spindles that share the same geometry? I just want to simply bolt it in have an alignment and be done with it. Any help will be...
  8. 2.5 ranger svo mustang turbo

    Internal waste gate can be controlled with electric boost controller (I'm using one of a VW) and Hobbs switch
  9. 2.5 ranger svo mustang turbo

    I'm using AEM 3910 piggy back ECU. They don't make a patch harness for our trucks. So you'll have to custom make one or have someone else make it for you. If you find a better easier way to tune these. Let me know thanks.
  10. coil on plug and other conversions

    I believe that there is so much more potential in the 4 cylinders that come in these trucks....... i have a rough draft of a coil on plug kit that will be plug and play. i have tested it on my personal b2500/rangerand it has great promise. It'll clean up the engine bay and make for an easier...