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  1. stockfornow

    photoshop my suburban please

    if anyone could photoshop the top of my suburban black even with the bottom of the white patch i would greatly appreciate it.
  2. stockfornow

    better bass sealed or ported

    Like the title states i will be building a new box for my sub and want to know which you think will provide better bass. Keep in mind both will be built to spec. or will a bandpass box be the way to go. i am looking for loud bass
  3. stockfornow

    last pics of ranger and pics of new truck

    i have some pics of my ranger on the trailer as i gets set to be taken to be parted out and then to the crusher:bawling: \ and pics of my new 91 2wd 350 auto gmc suburban
  4. stockfornow

    any good suburban forums

    as the title says i am looking for a suburban form that has as good of tech as trs has. my 89 lost its transmission and i replaced it with a 91 suburban i picked up for $600
  5. stockfornow

    problem shifting past peak tourqe

    my 89 ranger 2.9 4x4 with the a4ld auto just started having issues shifting if my rpms exceed 3000. it shifts just fine before peak torque. if anyone has any idea what could be causing it would be great.
  6. stockfornow

    vac modulator prob

    just wondering how hard it is to put the hose back on the vac modulator on the transmission? also is it ok to drive with the hose off
  7. stockfornow

    exhaust tip cleaning

    just wondering what products everyone is using to refinish their exhaust tips?
  8. stockfornow

    dana 28 axle shaft removal

    please correct me if i am wrong but if i read the tech libary right i can remove my left side axle shaft while leaving my sterring knuckle on.
  9. stockfornow

    what years for drivshaft

    i was wondering what years i can use the back half of the drive shaft out of for my 89 ext cab ranger. i know about the one piece mod and am not ready to undertake that right know. thanks for all the help
  10. stockfornow

    diesel f100

    some pics of a turbo diesel f100 that i saw at a car show
  11. stockfornow

    got bored today

    got bored today and did some painting. let me know what you think. before after
  12. stockfornow

    exhaust pics for 91rangersxt

    here are the pics you asked for
  13. stockfornow

    pinion bearing replacement

    i will be undertaking a pinion bearing replacement in my 89 ranger with a 7.5 3.73 gears with limited slip. I was just wondering what parts and tools you all would recomend getting together and any tips to make the job easier. This will be my first time tearing into a diff but my dad will be...
  14. stockfornow

    new sub box

    just got done with my new box running a single 12
  15. stockfornow

    choosing a bumper color

    please help me choose my bumper color blue or black
  16. stockfornow

    new raim air intake

    pics of my new ram air intake
  17. stockfornow

    clunk and shakes

    i have a 89 ranger with the 7.5 rear axle. when i shift from reveres to drive and back again. i can also fell vibration coming from the drive shaft when doing 65 MPH. i have already replaced all u joints and the carrier bearing. i also have a little play on the yoke on the diff. If anyone has a...
  18. stockfornow

    center carrier replacment

    i was wondering if anyone can tell me what tools i need to replace my center carrier bearing. The rubber around the bearing is shot and vibrates like mad. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
  19. stockfornow

    ls question

    I have a 89 xlt 4x4 with a 7.5 ls rear which is my first truck with ls. my question is, does a ls occasinly act like a open diff or is my clutch pack shot. By acting like an open diff i mean one wheel pel in snow not always just occasinly.
  20. stockfornow

    front 8.8

    just wondering if there is a front 8.8 axle. i worked on a early 2000 f-150 and the front diff cover had a 8.8 stamped on it