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  1. PetroleumJunkie412

    Odd issue with my 1994

  2. PetroleumJunkie412

    Cylinder head options

    I have Promaxx. They aren't bad, just don't get them from J&C in WV. J&C recycles used valves, springs, etc. into fresh castings and pass them off as quality. They check nothing, regrind everything sloppy AF, and sell it. Amateur work and utter trash. But, the castings themselves are just...
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    Swapping 2010 ranger rear axle on 89 ranger

    2010 spring plates and u bolts are completely different. May need a different driveshaft as well.
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    Ford 2.9L Cosworth On Ebay!!

    Never. Listening to the critics. I quit.
  5. PetroleumJunkie412

    1st Gen door panels/armrest repair

    Its hit and miss. The vinyl and trim doesn't hold up to rub areas like steering wheels. Trim and bumper is more durable on plastics. Any solvent spill and its gone Does ok on red carpet. Back trim panel still shines red in direct sunlight. Going to reshoot in bumper black and see what happens...
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    Buying American and a thought experiment

    I've always wondered if I could convince a manufacturer to sell me an unassembled vehicle. Bare metal as well. Dear gods, the improvements you could make in just rustproofing alone...... Step one..... send everything out to be galvanized.....
  7. PetroleumJunkie412

    Ford 2.9L Cosworth On Ebay!!

    Yep. Youre right. I'll abandon the project while I'm at it because you're just sooooooooo correct.
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    Ford 2.9L Cosworth On Ebay!!

    y'all are ****ing hilarious.... 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
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    Ford 2.9L Cosworth On Ebay!!

    Asked for a shipping quote. Well see.
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    Thermostat chat, Ranger temp obsession (let's split some hairs)

    confessed owner of a 180 high flow On a bone stock engine, listen to these guys. But, um.... resident crazy person. unwrapped headers and passive electric cooling fans stuck in August traffic. Open cowl to engine and blower fan. No ac. 5 spd. Parkway on greentree hill inbound. Coveralls...
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    1989 2.9 ranger: journey to passing inspection

    also, before you junk the 4.0, there's a lot worth hanging on to. Or that I'd buy.
  12. PetroleumJunkie412

    1989 2.9 ranger: journey to passing inspection

    Please tell me you're saving those rims...
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    Buying American and a thought experiment

    As of late, I've been looking for American made options with everything I buy. Tired of feeding the Chinese machine. Bring it home. Of course, difficult to do, most of this stuff is slave labor made. Americans love cheap crap, and to complain about it. I'm guilty of it. Then the...
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    1990 ranger diesel conversion

    DO ALL THE SWAPS THIS ONE BRINGS ME JOY. i feel better now.
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    Project let's get my engine running as good as it can!

    Ehh, with plugs usually goes wires, cap, and rotor. Motorcraft wires, always. Look for a brass cap and rotor. Coil could be getting ready to crap itself as well. Motorcraft or MSD/Crane are good choices. My personal preference is MSD, but they have a higher failure rate vs. Motorcraft. You may...
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    Ceramic paint crap.....

    Little column A, little column B
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    Anyone have a 22 mag?

    Have a savage mako thats been worked over several times in 22lr. Strict bench rest gun, eley ammo only. Shoot it every couple of years. Same deal.. wears off.. Eh.
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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Look man. We live in uncertain times. I'm just sayin. Your vehicles security system should be tiered - first you get the beeping and the flashing, and if you're dumb enough to keep going, well, hit the afterburner
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    I thought you dead. Welcome back. Oh yeah. Dirtman wants me to say: Give yer balls a tug, fight me, see what happens I don't mean it though. You aight.