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  1. PetroleumJunkie412

    Buying American and a thought experiment

    As of late, I've been looking for American made options with everything I buy. Tired of feeding the Chinese machine. Bring it home. Of course, difficult to do, most of this stuff is slave labor made. Americans love cheap crap, and to complain about it. I'm guilty of it. Then the...
  2. PetroleumJunkie412

    General engine diagnostic question

    Let's play "how fast can we find the problem" Im going to give observations and test results.. feel free to tell me to perform diagnostics and ill post results. Looking for your best guess "whats wrong with it" no comment on which engine it is..... This engine has developed a horrible...
  3. PetroleumJunkie412

    Walk me through changing differential carriers this afternoon…

    So, I'm going to drag the 2002 parts truck into the shop today and tried to switch out the open diff in my 2011 for the limited slip in the 2002. The only trouble is call my I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing! So... members of TRS. Anybody willing to volunteer to walk me through this...
  4. PetroleumJunkie412

    Motherload of Ford Sierra XR4X4 Drivetrain Information Found

    Posted this to the 2.9 sticky as well, but this is the info I've been looking for on the Sierra for quite some time. Literally giddy reading this and looking over the mechanical drawings. @Shran, @bobbywalter, @4x4junkie ........................ Yall are going to love this...
  5. PetroleumJunkie412

    Frame Swap - 1988 x cab body on 2002 x cab frame?

    So, picked up a parts truck. 2002 extended cab 4 wd. Truck is getting cut up for parts for the 2011 and to sell off. Frame under it is still solid. Anyone know offhand if a first gen body will fit a 2002 frame? Would give me a SLA front end, which is a bit more condusive to what I'm trying...
  6. PetroleumJunkie412

    Ford 2.9 Six Pack Carburetor Manifold

    Looks like Burton still has them available.... @rusty ol ranger
  7. PetroleumJunkie412

    Ford Powershift Class Action Update - More Settlement Money Authorized

    @Dirtman Looks like more money for the p*ssed off Fiesta owners...
  8. PetroleumJunkie412

    Possible 2.9 forged pistons deal through alibaba

    Well. Chinese manufacturers are still working, apparently. When I was looking for forged pistons that were affordable, I started talking to a machine shop in China about a small order of forged pistons for cologne. I'm still dickering back and forth with three of them, they're a bit slow to...
  9. PetroleumJunkie412

    Ceramic paint crap.....

    Keep seeing all kinds of neon colored ceramic wax/polish/protectant/crap showing up. I know nothing about it. What does it claim to do? Does it work? Which brand(s) would you recommend? Is it worth the time and effort?
  10. PetroleumJunkie412

    2.9 reference links, euro and american

    Please guys, no replies unless to add link only. Sites I use to do homework on engine and euro stuff, and all cologne family. Welcome to the rabbit hole...
  11. PetroleumJunkie412

    Need Assistance on a Part Number

    Pistons got here today for the 2.9 build, but cannot seem to find any info on them... Trying to figure out total CCs of the tops are without fluid checking them. Part number DR3V-6110-AA Underside has "Mahle W2 93P46"
  12. PetroleumJunkie412

    2.9 Promaxx Aftermarket Head Porting

    @Jim Oaks, trying to set this up as a info page on 2.9 area of tech section. Want to get some feedback here first. Now that we've let the 2.9 heads jokes run their course, I am moving on into figuring out how to port these things as part of my build. If I'm going to push the envelope on...
  13. PetroleumJunkie412

    2.3 ecoboost Thought Experiment

    So, I've heard and talked to a few of you about what it would take to take a junkyard ranger 2.3 duratec manual driveline and convert it to a 4x4 ecoboost manual driveline to drop back into, say, a 2011. Or. Was 2.3 ecoboost available in 2011?
  14. PetroleumJunkie412

    2.9 Lower Intake Differences

    Just posting a few photos showing in mild detail the differences in lower intakes. Can take more detailed shots if there's interest. Two biggest things of note are the reinforcement in the model year 1992 manifold, and the additional coolant ports in the Merkur manifold. Merkur also uses a...
  15. PetroleumJunkie412

    Explorer / mountaineer AWD transfer case?

    Talked to @lil_Blue_Ford last night about a transfer case available on the 5.0 mountaineers/explorers. Did some reading, and now I'm just confused. Apparently there were two different awd transfer cases available in Explorer in the 90s and early 2000s. One is full time, and the other is...
  16. PetroleumJunkie412

    "Singh Grooves"

    Yep. That's right. I dug this one up. In this installment of me asking questions about crap that probably doesn't work, I'm rehashing the topic of Singh Grooves. For those unfamiliar, I remember reading this exact article when I was in my teens...
  17. PetroleumJunkie412

    Going electric....

    So, I realized this morning that I haven't used my razor in at least two months, and have just been using clippers. At this point, I know time constraints are just going to get tighter and tighter in the mornings. So, since I know a bunch-o old dudes who typically are known for 'lectric...
  18. PetroleumJunkie412

    Glyptal Engine Paint

    Anyone here used glyptal paint on the inside of their engines? Had @bobbywalter recommend it to me when I was talking to him about piston coatings. Didn't know if anyone here had personally used it. Painting anything on the internals of an engine worries me, but Bobby made a few good points...
  19. PetroleumJunkie412

    Legal question with machine shop

    Hey guys, quick question, and not sure if I should call my lawyer yet or not. Machine shop I used to do my block work scrapped the internals of my engine without my permission. I did not sign anything, nor did I give them permission to discard anything. Is this illegal under PA law? I can...
  20. PetroleumJunkie412

    Fairly clean B2 - Daisytown, PA - $1500