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  1. 1991fordranger1

    1990 ranger diesel conversion

    So I have a couple other builds one I completed the other I ended up wanting to go a different direction with and put on ice when I found this truck. I found a 1990 Ford ranger xlt with a blown up 2.9 and a4ld trans with the Manual t case and manual locking hubs(thank goodness). I bought it...
  2. 1991fordranger1

    1973 courier/ ranger build

    Well i know it's not a ranger but Its got a lot of ranger parts going into it left over from my 1991 that I converted to diesel. I'm starting out with a 1973 ford courier but I'm salvaging from my ranger my fm145 transmission and borgwarn manual transfer case. My 63/64" springs my explorer...
  3. 1991fordranger1

    1991 ranger/mercedes diesel beef up

    Hello, Last fall I took on the challenge of mating a mercedes om617 diesel to a fm145 five speed 4x4. Now after close on 20,000kms (yes canadian) I have decided I wanna beef up the suspension for the weight of the engine and for driving it as a dd but want something tht I won't be afraid of...
  4. 1991fordranger1

    8.8 in Manitoba

    Hi I'm from south westren Manitoba I'm looking for a rear axle with 8.8 ring and 3.73 gears preferably from a 98 to 09 ranger but will take an explorer if there is one out there Thanks
  5. 1991fordranger1

    Fm146 bell housing

    Does a bell housing from any small block fords fit on a fm146 gear box? I am doing a conversion to put a om617 Mercedes in my ranger but the bell hosing is too small on the fm146 anybody know if it can be done?
  6. 1991fordranger1

    2.9l bell housing cad drawning

    Is there a cad drawing out there for the bell housing from a 92 2.9l as I need to make an adapter plate Thanks Brendan
  7. 1991fordranger1

    Benz om617

    Hello ranger station, I'm about to start a conversion on a 1991 ford ranger originally a 2.9 auto 4x4 and I'm converting it a five cylinder Mercedes turbo diesel with a five speed manual transmission and transfer case. I'm in need of some measurements due to the clutch like distance from the...
  8. 1991fordranger1

    2.9 conversion to 1.9 vw tdi

    Hello ranger station, I'm currently in the process of converting my 1991 ford ranger 2.9 4x4 auto, to a 1.9 volkswagen turbo diesel with the Mitsubishi FM146 transmission and manual transfer case. First question what rpm does the 2.9 with the a4ld run at 100 kms/h(60 mph). second question...
  9. 1991fordranger1

    need help finding the proper transmission/transfer case

    Hello, I have a 1991 ford ranger currently with the 2.9L motor the a4ld transmission and it has caused me nothing but grief. I have a 302 out of a 1979 mercury marquis and would like to know what full size ford truck transmission and transfer case will bolt right up to it or need only mild...