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  1. Where to start prerunner project

    Thanks!! Did a lot more research since this post ? currently running BTF UCAs & Bilstein 5100s up front, tho I think I fucked up by not getting lift spindles & longer shocks. Was looking at deavers but decided sport Trac leafs should work fine for a mid-travel setup... Although now that I...
  2. 06 Ranger 4x4 - Replace Lower Control Arms or just the LCA bushings? Should the Upper Control Arms be replaced too?

    Watching this thread & hoping someone can answer as Google isn't helpful lol. I just replaced my UCAs at 151k miles & the bushings were trash. I'm wondering about the LCAs now, not sure if better ones are necessary if not going long travel.
  3. Rear shocks for 2011 Ranger 2wd

    Recommendations for rear shocks that fit a 2011 2wd torsion bar Ranger? I'll be running Bilstein 5100s in the front but can only find 4wd ones for the back ? will these fit -- is my truck blocked like 4wd since it has a torsion bar?? & Does anyone have experience with Sport Trac leafs vs...
  4. Post pics of your aftermarket tail lights

    Neat thanks! Yeah, the damage got me thinking about what I could do to the bedsides & bumper. I'm going the prerunner route. Dirtman I've honestly thought about setting cones down!
  5. Post pics of your aftermarket tail lights

    I decided to get smoked lights & LEDs. LEDs for visibility since I drive in LA traffic every day & also any tint on lights is illegal in CA so I'm hoping that the brightness will reduce my chances of getting ticketed ?
  6. Post pics of your aftermarket tail lights

    Someone hit my truck while it was parked outside my house & cracked a tail light ? I need inspiration for new lights!
  7. Where to start prerunner project

    Hi! New to offroading & want to build a mid-travel prerunner that I can still keep as my daily driver. I have a 2wd 2011 ranger sport. What would you recommend be done first? Eventually I want to have a coilover conversion done, but is there anything smaller I can do towards that, like upgrade...
  8. 1st ranger

    Hi! I just bought a 2011 ranger sport, gonna start upgrading to mid-travel soon. Any advice & resources would be much appreciated ?