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  1. Rose2300

    1K post! And sold ranger

    I'd just like to share that i finally attained my 1000th post! :yahoo: It's also sad because I sold my ranger :sad: 2wd just wouldn't cut it for Moscw winters and I had hopes of finding a 3rd gen 4.0 4wd 5spd but everything that surfaced was way over priced and had too many miles. So a few...
  2. Rose2300

    no duratec info in tech library?

    maybe i didn't look hard enough but i did not see any info on duratecs in the tech library. maybe someone with more technical experience and knowledge could change this?
  3. Rose2300

    I'm puzzled

    whenever i'm on the freeway and i punch the throttle to the floor the theft light lights up. but its a dim light which leads me to belive it is a bulb near the theft light causing the theft icon to appear to illuminate, but why it illuminates when i floor it is beyond my comprehension at this...
  4. Rose2300

    interesting find.... That has to be custom right? they are definately asking too much though haha
  5. Rose2300

    P1432 code please help

    so my truck keeps throwing this code, i believe it stands for thermostat heater control curcuit open, or something close to that, and i dont know whats causing it. It seems to pop up right after im driving the truck hard (4k rpms- redline). What is causing this? Truck is an 02 reg cab 5 speed.
  6. Rose2300

    Didnt know they made these I thought ford didn't manufacture a 4 cyl 4x4 for this generation, let alone a 4 cyl 4x4 ext cab. If it's real it's probably slow as shit, but i'd still buy it. WAY overpriced though if it's real. EDIT: just found another one haha...
  7. Rose2300

    will these wheels fit on my ranger?
  8. Rose2300

    jerking on accel/decel

    I didn't know where to put this because I don't know which part of my truck is having the problem. I dont know if its even a problem at all I just thought I'd check. First, the specs on my truck: 02 duratec 2wd 5spd bone stock so if I'm driving along in any gear and I let my foot off the gas...
  9. Rose2300

    duratec guys inquire within

    I just got an 02 ranger w/ the 2.3 duratec, and seeing as how I like to do exhaust setups on my vehicles, I figured this one would be no different. The problem is I have no clue what sounds good on this engine, since its basically a rice burner. I liked the flowmaster on my 2.3 lima, but of...
  10. Rose2300

    how low in the rear until a c notch is required?

    With a flip kit installed, how low can you go with out c notching the frame? Im considering doing the 4/5 drop on my 02 2w, will i need to notch if I go this low?
  11. Rose2300

    Rose2300's Build Thread

    So in feb I sold my first ranger, a 95 b2300: To get this, an 03 explorer sport 2wd: Then after a month I sold it because I hated the auto trans, and I was driving a 93 chevy 3500 6.5 diesel for the last 3 months (which sucked). Now finally today I got another ranger, an 02 reg cab 2wd 4...
  12. Rose2300

    badass thing lol
  13. Rose2300

    5r55e Slight shift flare when warm

    well I think i have the 2-3 shift flare after the truck is warmed up. does this need to be addressed immediately? i can tell the rpms rise but its very minute, probably around 100-200 rpms. from what i have heard this is actually normal or am I mistaken??
  14. Rose2300

    Is this normal?

    I just bought an 03 explorer sport with the 5r55e trans. I'm new to rbv autos so I don't know if this is normal or not. So when accelerating mildly, it shifts at around 2200-2400 rpm, and then the next gear engages at about the same rpm (except 4th to overdrive). I thought the rpms would drop...
  15. Rose2300

    What does TSB stand for

    What do people mean when there's a tsb for the 5r55e?
  16. Rose2300

    What is the pig?

    What do people mean when they are talking about the front ttb suspension and mention something called the pig? what is it?
  17. Rose2300

    need a carfax, can anyone help?

    If anyone has a spare carfax could you help a fellow TRS member out and PM me? Thank you and god bless!
  18. Rose2300

    Might be looking at this, what should I look for? I'm probably going to check this out soon, and I was wondering what I should look for when I'm inspecting it, test driving, etc... It does have the manual transfer case!!! It does have 177k, is that a lot for the 4.0 or should it be ok? Price is...
  19. Rose2300

    Pretty cool, huh? Probably runs like crap though. I've seen ads for this for the past couple years, but I think it has changed owners a few times since it was last posted and since i'm already browsing cl...
  20. Rose2300

    can I use this on my truck?