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  1. Mechanickid

    1986 volvo 240 DL. Any tips?

    I recently acquired just as the title says, an 86 volvo. It is a 4 door, 4 cylinder, 4 speed electronic overdrive car. Anyone know much about the older volvos?
  2. Mechanickid

    Bench Seat in 94 Explorer?

    Does any one know if a solid bench seat from a ranger will bolt in a 94 4 door explorer with power buckets and console?
  3. Mechanickid

    Largest Tire for 1st gen explorer.

    Whats the largest tire I can fit on my 91 explorer? I have skyjacker leveling coils in the front and 2" lift shackles in the back. I was thinking 33"s with some trimming. Also will my tires 4.0 and A4LD be able to push 33"s with 3:73 gears?
  4. Mechanickid

    4.0 Performance Options

    Is there anyone on here who has built a 4.0 OHV to preform? I know tom morona offers stroker kits, cams and such. I just wanna know if anyone has had any luck with them. :dunno:
  5. Mechanickid

    4.0 transmission options

    Will a Toyo Koygo transmission from a mid 80's ranger with a 2.9 hold up to 4.0 Power?:icon_confused:
  6. Mechanickid

    Let's see what's out there....

    Where did you ever get those clear tails!!!:headbang:
  7. Mechanickid

    86-86 2.9 throttle body.

    I just did the throttle body swap on my 88 ranger. I was in the JY today and saw an 87 BII that had the larger throttle body. I snatched the TB then went home and got out my flat file. I knife edged the throttle plate and polished up the bore. It really woke up my old 2.9, I have alot more low...
  8. Mechanickid

    Squeaky Suspension

    My 88 ranger has been squeaking alot lately. Particularly from the rear. Whats causing this? Its annoying as heck! Every speed bump it squeaks. I was wondering if it was just the suspension bushings being old and worn/dry rotted. Any help is much appreciated. Thnx, Marty
  9. Mechanickid

    Any body else using Belltech?

    I saw them at my autozone too! I was like no way..... (checks box) yes way! So I plan on buying a set. :)
  10. Mechanickid

    2" Suspension Boost

    After driving my 88 ranger for 6 months now I have a good idea of what I want to do to the suspension. Being that I use it for mild trail use and alot of highway I figure that I wont need anything more than a 31" tire. Remember that this is my DD. I plan on doing a 2" washer lift on the front to...
  11. Mechanickid

    Camping in a Ranger?

    I was wondering if any of you guys use your ranger for camping? I want to do some this summer. I have 2 camper tops, one is a high rise and one is normal. Both are fiberglass. I put the high rise one on for a little while to see how I liked it, but it was really old and didn't fit well. I put...
  12. Mechanickid

    One Peice Driveshaft Swap

    I'm not sure what forum to post this in so I posted it here. I've about had it with the 2 piece drive shaft on my 88 Ex-Cab. About a month after I bought the truck the carrier bearing started to make some noise. I checked it and the rear bearing seal was gone and so was all the grease. So I...
  13. Mechanickid

    Typical Trade Rules

    A friend I know at skool offered to trade me some tires and wheels the other day. The terms of the trade was he was trading me some brand new off brand A/T tires on some deep-dish Outlaw II steel wheels, for my Well Worn 31" BFG Long Trail radials on the same wheels just not deep-dished. I...
  14. Mechanickid

    Jeep Commanche axles

    I think the dana 44 is the bench mark for an axle and Ive seen a 10 spline dana 44 hold up to 35" thornturds in a 63 willys, granted it only had a 60 hp, 100 tq. F head I4, it still held up and was ABUSED.
  15. Mechanickid

    Jeep Commanche axles

    CheepThrillsBII was running alot more than 33's when he broke his D44 and 8.8.
  16. Mechanickid

    Adventures with my 31's

    I put my 31's off my explorer on my 88 about a month or so ago. They actually fit pretty good for a 1st gen. Very little rubbing on the front of the fender. I thought I would share pictures of my adventures in the last month or so. With 235's and stock rims. With my 31" BFG long trails and...
  17. Mechanickid

    Jeep Commanche axles

    Whats wrong with an 8.8 and a d44? thats a good combo, cheepthrillsBII used to beat the snot outta his....
  18. Mechanickid

    Body Lift Gap Fix 1st Gen. Ranger

    I was wondering when you guys do a body lift on a 1st gen what do you do about that fugly gap on the front clip. The piece right below the grill. I think it would be relatively easy to make a panel and cover it up but what would you guys do? :dunno: I was thinking about a body lift but now I'm...
  19. Mechanickid

    Explorer axle for my ranger

    My 88 has no ABS whatsoever :)
  20. Mechanickid

    Splash bed on an 88 ex cab?

    Anyone on here ever put a stepside gen.3 and up bed on a 1st gen.? I was wondering how it might look. I know that the frame bolt holes are the same but what about the filler tube and taillights etc.?